Do I Really Need Protectant, or ‘Teflon’ on Expensive Carpet?

Not if you want a reason to get new carpet!  Almost all carpet comes new from the factory with a protectant already heat set in their process.  This protectant does a great job of prolonging the life of your carpet by blocking stains and preventing build-up of grit and debris that would otherwise wear the fiber too quickly and create damage.  The damage most commonly associated with worn carpet is the permanent haze or grey that builds up in the high traffic areas. This discoloring results when the tip of each fiber puffs up as the grit breaks down the fiber’s structure.

Unfortunately this is permanent damage that can’t be ‘cleaned’ out of your carpet.

If you took sandpaper and went at your windows to get your kids’ sticky finger prints off the glass the scratches and damage left behind could not then be cleaned away by Windex and a soft rag.  In much the same way once the grit in your carpet is allowed to shred the carpet fibers there’s no going back. Your carpet can be cleaned repeatedly but the high traffic areas will always look worn out.

So one of the main benefits of keeping protectant on your carpet is it prevents this high traffic damage. As the Teflon protectant fills in the small spaces in each fiber it will block your spills color and contamination from bonding with the fibers, leaving permanent reminders of how great that party was.  As anyone with children can attest, there will be spills! And most likely lot of spills. 

Of course it isn’t always the kids who spill coffee, tea, wine or other adult beverages that find their way into the carpet at the New Year’s Eve party.  As the protect fills in the small spaces in each fiber, call the ‘dye lot’, it will block you spills’ color and contamination from bonding with the fibers and leaving permanent reminders or how great that party was or just how much little Susie enjoyed her first birthday cake with all that pink frosting that she got to eat all by herself in the dining room.

So, keep it cleaned regularly and budget for the protectant, and you’ll keep that carpet looking great twice as long and also carpet cleaning can help make home beautiful.  After all, what’s more expensive?  $300-$400 for clean and protect your carpet once in year? Or re-carpeting every 5-7 years because it’s worn and stained prematurely?

If you are hiring professionals for carpet cleaning brisbane additionally you can get protectant coating after completing cleaning process it will provides your carpet a new and fresh appearance. 

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