The Best Solution for Your Mattresses Cleaned

Do not ever clean your mattress with water or steam! It makes the internal pollution (such as human skin flakes, house mite droppings, dead house mites) stick together like dry mud and it can take days to dry. Plus house mites just love moist conditions, so you will actually help them survive.

You cannot put your mattress in a washing machine unless you have a huge machine. Actually that is a good thing as micro-organisms (bacteria, house dust mites) simply love moist conditions. Plus the springs in your mattress will rust in no time.

Before you start vacuuming, all mattress contamination is spread evenly through your mattress. As a domestic vacuum cleaner lacks vital elements such as high-frequency vibration and real power suction, you will achieve the opposite: the contamination will be clogged up right under the surface of the mattress. Literally right under your nose!

Just spray the surface with any anti-house mite product? A reasonable effective solution for the short term as it disinfects, neutralizes the allergens on top and right under the mattress surface and leaves a mite barrier on your mattress. Repeat every week for the best result, but realize this method won’t get rid of the contamination inside your mattress which ‘eats’ away from your mattress from the inside out. 

You can compare this with waxing your car without washing it first. You will see the shiny effect of the wax but it still is dirty underneath.

A house mite resistant mattress cover then? Alas, it will only ensure the habitat in your mattress will be enclosed and stay intact, with house mites breeding happily ever after as there is plenty of food, moisture, and warmth in there. Unfortunately, the allergen particles generated by the mites are often .01 to 10 micron, small enough to ooze right through the cover. And a reason for health insurance companies to remove the mattress covers/encasing from their coverage. In favor of, you guessed it: proper mattress cleaning by Professional Mattress Cleaning Melbourne!!

The best solution: have your mattresses cleaned thoroughly by Mattress Cleaner. preferably once a year, but actually we would be very happy if you did it just once. Why?

1. Hygiene: 

In one year, one person drops one pound of dead skin flakes in the mattress, feeding 2 to 8 million house mites which lived (and died) there in that same year, producing billions of droppings packed with allergens. These all end up in the mattress, vacuuming will only remove a fraction.

2. Save money: 

The material from point one attracts many bacteria which will erode your mattress inside out. So effectively your mattress lasts longer.

3. Mind your health – reduce the allergy risk PLUS reduce their symptoms: 

Please don’t think if you live too clean you will get ill quicker. That is simply NOT true. Every night, you allow your skin and lung cells to be attacked by billions of tiny particles slowly breaking up the cell barrier. Once broken, allergen and other harmful material start to enter your body cells causing typical allergic reactions from stuffy noses and dry throats to worse case scenarios like eczema, hay fever or asthma.

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