Questions to Ask When Selecting Moving Company in Melbourne

When selecting a moving company Melbourne. It is important for you to know which questions to ask. The reason that you should ask these questions is to make sure that your stuff is going to be protected during the move.

First, make sure to look at moving companies in Melbourne that are licensed. You should ask to view their license and also make sure that the company is bonded and insured. You do not want to work with Melbourne movers who are not licensed because you do not know if your items will be protected.

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Some of the other questions that you should ask movers Melbourne include:

  • Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?
  • Is there a minimum charge? How do you charge after the minimum requirement is met?
  • Are extra-large items extra?
  • Is there a charge for a stretch wrap or moving pads?
  • Is there a charge for the travel time from your Melbourne moving company location to my home or business?
  • Is there an extra charge for weekend or evening services?
  • What are your payment options? Is there a deposit required?
  • Do you use full-time employees or temps? (Companies that use temps are often not insured properly so be careful with Melbourne movers who use temps.)
  • Are your workers covered by worker’s compensation?
  • Do you offer free quotes?
  • Is there a contact number for moving day in case any challenges come up?

About Us

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If you are searching for moving companies in Melbourne, Tovey Movers is a great choice. We are proud to serve the Melbourne areas. We provide you with the highest quality packing, moving and transportation services in order to make your Melbourne moving experience as easy as possible.

We have a team of expert Melbourne movers that will be sent to your home or office to pack up your things and get them to your new location. We provide an onsite supervisor for every move so you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan. Each of our Melbourne movers will be in uniform and are fully trained to relocate your home or office in a way that is most efficient. In addition, as a Melbourne moving company, we will provide the best trucks and materials to ensure that your move will go smoothly. In addition, we will provide you with secure storage, so that you know your things will remain safe while they are in our care.

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If you are looking for Melbourne movers, we would love to have you join our large number of satisfied customers by contacting us today to start your great moving experience with our House Movers Melbourne.

When you call us, feel free to ask any questions that you may have. We will provide you with the answers that you need so that you will feel comfortable working with us during your entire Melbourne moving experience. We are upfront about the costs of a move, so you will know exactly what to expect when they work is complete.

We can provide you with all of the supplies that are needed to make your relocation to Melbourne or the surrounding area go smoothly. As a local company, we will provide you with the best possible prices. We are fully licensed and bonded, which helps ensure your safety during the move. Call us today at 1800 958 010 and we will discuss your needs with you and will be happy to set up a date to start the Melbourne moving process.

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Some Common Mistakes That You Cannot Afford to Make While Moving

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Relocating or moving is a quite difficult task and is a crucial aspect of the mover’s life. If you want to relocate in a very short span of time then it may lead to several mistakes that can be avoided. Following are some common mistakes that you cannot afford to make while relocating or moving-

Not Knowing Moving Busy Season- Good moving companies are generally busy in the summer season. If you want to hire good moving companies in summer then you have to plan relocating process in advance. You will get best deals in winter season for relocating, where you will save some money.

Not tipping your Movers- After completing your relocating process with the help of Melbourne Movers, give them treat in a nice restaurant, which is very important for long term relationship building.

Avoid rushing- Don’t make rush while relocating because it will create huge problems. Give time to yourself while relocating to avoid rush and other problems.

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Get your receipt- Don’t forget to take receipt from your moving company, which is an official document stating that you have paid. Most of the moving companies make mistakes on customers receipt every time, and this problem can be solved easily by presenting a receipt. Receipt is a major proof that you should carry with you, which represents what you paid for.

Treating your movers poorly- Sorting and moving your belongings is quite a tough job for moving companies, which requires heavy physical strain. So always treat movers as your family members and take care of them throughout relocating process.

Not carefully checking moving inventory- Make a moving inventory list of your belongings that you had packed in the truck while moving from your residence. This will help you to verify all your belongings once you reach to new house.

Reasons For The Existence Of Furniture Removalists

Thousands of Melbourne residences who – at one time or the other – are shifting to a new residence or office are the reason various furniture removalist services exist within the city. They provide interstate as well as local services and range from Sutherland Shire removalists to removalist inner west Melbourne. Of course, you also have the choice of undertaking the moving exercise by yourself. However, you are going to need certain things to make the exercise stress-free – this is where furniture removalist Melbourne professionals come in:

Experience In Relocation Services

If you have never shifted homes or office that much, then you are likely to possess little know-how on the whole exercise. On the contrary, a professional Melbourne removalists possesses removalist experts within its ranks who have unlimited experience in dealing with varied kinds of relocations within and without the city. This is something they have been doing for many years on a daily basis. They know how to cope with the different situations that might arise during the relocation process and hence, understand how to respond appropriately.

Save Time On The Relocation Process


Moving furniture is an energy-sapping exercise that eats a huge chunk of your relocation schedule. This may leave you with little time for other activities, such as, updating the physical address of your new place, offsetting bills as well as packing of other belongings. A Furniture Removalists Melbourne company exists for the sole purpose of taking on the burden of moving your furniture while you shift your focus to other aspects of your home or office relocation process.

Saves Money For Purchasing Moving Equipment

Professional office or home removalist Melbourne professionals understand that furniture removals require certain materials to help you move them safely. If you decide to do it by yourself, you will have to fork out extra cash to purchase these materials needed for the activity. However, you will incur none of the costs if you employ a removals specialist to handle your furniture because he already has the equipment for the same. These may include moving boxes, Melbourne or elsewhere.

Moving Heavy Material Effortlessly

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Endeavoring to move enormous, cumbersome things through entryways or up staircases can be unbelievably precarious, harming to the thing and even perilous for non-experts. This is the reason it’s imperative to request the services of expert Melbourne Removalists company. They are specialists at their employments, having both the learning and strength to move things rapidly just as securely.

Fast And Efficient Moving Services

Experienced removalists are proficient in moving a wide range of articles. They additionally realize how to hold fast to due dates. They can work quick without settling on the security of the things being moved. If you need to move a great deal of stuff or some overwhelming things, it wouldn’t be a savvy thought to depend on your family or companions.

Remember, you need to be meticulous when searching for a furniture removalist specialist since some of them may not provide you with the services that measure up to your expectations. Ask these companies for references or search the Internet for customers’ reviews of their services. This will tell you whether they are right for you or not.

Avoiding a Back Injury When Moving

Throughout the course of a lifetime, the majority of people will have to relocate to a different home or even country. Many people chose to hire a Melbourne moving company to assist them whilst others borrow friends and tend to go through the process alone. There are both pros & cons to each decision however do not let the threat of a back injury be one of them.

Around 3 in 5 people in a country will experience some form of the back issue which can often be a chronic condition persisting throughout a person’s lifetime. These issues can often be so severe that they require the affected person to alter their lifestyle just to manage the problem.

Back pain can be caused in a number of ways, but it is widely believed that lifting heavy or irregularly shaped objects is the main culprit. Every year thousands of employees pursue back injury compensation claims against companies that have been negligent in both training staff inappropriate lifting and providing adequate personal protective equipment. Melbourne Movers will help you avoid back injury as they follow the processes discussed below.

When moving out on your own there is a high probability that you will have to lift or move objects of varying weight. The last thing on your mind at this point will probably your own safety, but believe me when I say it should be. Injuring your back will affect the moving process and could potentially lead to postponing the whole procedure.

How to Avoid Back Issues

I would advise that you are very careful with the amount that you’re lifting and how regularly you are doing it. If you feel a twinge it is advisable to cease lifting until you are certain that the issue has been resolved.

If you come across objects that are heavier or of an awkward shape/size, you should ensure that you use lifting aids or seek the help of a friend. you can use tips for moving heavy furniture and you can get Lifting aids to include anything from a hand trolley to a back brace/lifting belt.


This is a big one when lifting tries not to twist or position yourself in an awkward way as this creates unnecessary strain on your back. Experts advise that twisting with any weight in hand can be potentially detrimental to your well-being.

As strange and contradictory as this might sound you should also avoid a rigid statue when carrying items and try to remain relaxed as this will alleviate the pressure around your joints, tendons, and muscles. If you find that you are tensing up when lifting an item it is probably heavier than recommended and grabbing a friend to help could save you some pain.

Already Suffering

If you are already experiencing problems with your back it could definitely be beneficial to employs the services of professional removalists they will help you and provides you information about how to move a sofa. This will reduce stress levels and prevent any exacerbation of an existing issue.

Although almost all of us have been told that bed rest is the best way to remedy to back complaints, however, this is completely untrue as medical professionals have deemed that staying active is a far better solution. Many people find themselves struggling with back-related pains and most will claim that their symptoms have been relieved through regular light exercise.

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What are the Reasons for Toothache?

On numerous events, individuals are frequently told the purpose behind toothache is because of pits which can be an overwhelming reality for individuals. Toothaches can in some cases start all-around all of a sudden. They can likewise cause agony and uneasiness that can be mellow or extreme which may likewise influence your head, jaw, and ear.

In any case, the best Dentist Cranbourne North comprehend there are different reasons making agony originated from your silvery whites. To pinpoint the issue and maintain a strategic distance from superfluous pressure below are given a few reasons you might encounter dental inconvenience.

1. Delicate Teeth:

Now and then you may have torment from your teeth when your teeth are presented to cold air, nourishments, and fluids. This could mean your teeth have turned out to be delicate connected to boosts, for example, cool temperature. Gentle affectability can be identified with subsiding gums or a worn-out tooth.

2. Brushing your Teeth excessively Hard:

It is justifiable you need to attempt to get your teeth as perfect as would be prudent. Be that as it may, by applying expanded weight or brushing over-forcefully it can cause more issues and distress. Exceptional brushing can strip away the structure of the genuine tooth and the gums that spread the foundation of your tooth.

3. Extreme Sinus Infection:

During influenza or hypersensitivity season, you may abruptly build up sinus contamination that declares a degree of torment to your teeth. The purpose behind toothache is on the grounds that the underlying foundations of specific teeth sit directly by the sinuses. It is required for one to follow the proper procedure to get rid of the pain. The weight that originates from the sinus disease can affect your tooth torment.

4. Pounding or Clenching Your Teeth when Sleeping:

Otherwise called bruxism, can happen without you knowing it in your rest. An irregularity in the gathering of your teeth when they granulate can cause tooth torment. After some time, it can prompt tooth affectability and agony. The approaches to treat this kind of torment could include utilizing a night watch, after assessment by your dental specialist.

5. Broken Tooth:

This can be brought about by numerous things because of injury to the mouth. This can be anything from clenching down on a hard item or getting some sort of hit to the face. Extreme bruxism may likewise be an explanation behind your toothache. The manifestations of a split tooth could incorporate a sharp agony when biting or gnawing. It is useful to visit your dental specialist so they can reestablish the tooth before the split intensifies.

The explanation behind toothache could have a simple or easy-to-treat cause or it can turn out to be increasingly muddled. In this way, it tends to be ideal to be arranged and address your dental specialist for an appropriate assessment. By catching up with your customary dental consideration arrangements like clockwork to stay away from any difficult issues.

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