Some Rodents Damages and How to Prevent Them

Rodents are one of the economic hazards Australia is facing at the moment. We are not talking regarding the kinds of rodents that infest many rice fields and crops in some parts of the world. The kinds that we are talking about are the ones that mess up our rooms, most especially the kitchens and attics.

What are some damages that rats and mice can leave at home? What can we do to fix or repair these damages?

Chewed Wires and Cables:

With rodents chewing on our electrical wires, there is bound to be an electrical fire waiting to happen. Several cases of fires of unexplained causes are likely to be caused by rats and mice. Whenever they chew on wires and cables, the rodents have cause electrical appliances to break down or short circuit, thus leading to damages and electrical risk or fires. It is important that homeowners organize their wires and cables and place them where no rats and mice would gnaw upon.

Holes on the Parts of the House:

Rodents are very persistent to find their means into your house to find food, water and humidity. They would get through holes, cracks and other openings which they make on the roofs, ceilings, walls, corners of the house and somewhere else.

Make sure you block all those entry points by sealing or caulking them. You can also cover up them with metal covers. Replace damage parts of the house with strong and chew-resistant copse.

Food Contamination:

Food contamination is one of the most apparent food damage done by rodents, and this does not even happen in the fields. If food products are stored improperly, the pests are sure to feed on them and contaminate them. There, they can cause food poisoning and the spread of diseases. To preventing rodents from living in your home and from damaging your food, make sure you properly store food products in strong, tightly sealed plastic or metal containers.

Damaged Paper and Wood Products:

Rats and mice continually chew on things because their front teeth or incisors keep on growing. By gnawing, they regulate the growth of their front teeth. They do not even spare paper and wood products.

Make sure you remove old paper and old wood from the house properly. Keep books, newspapers, boxes, and cardboard in safe locations. Varnish wooden products.

Damages on Insulation:

Rodents will also enter the house through the air duct or pipe and damage the entire heating system in the process. There, their feces and urine will circulate in the air in your home. This can cause illnesses. To prevent this, shut down the entire heating system and replace the damaged air ducts and pipes with durable and impenetrable materials.

For more assistance in making your home rodent-free, you should contact professional mice and rat Pest Control Melbourne specialists. Rodents do not deserve a place in our homes.

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