Avoiding a Back Injury When Moving

Throughout the course of a lifetime, the majority of people will have to relocate to a different home or even country. Many people chose to hire a Melbourne moving company to assist them whilst others borrow friends and tend to go through the process alone. There are both pros & cons to each decision however do not let the threat of a back injury be one of them.

Around 3 in 5 people in a country will experience some form of the back issue which can often be a chronic condition persisting throughout a person’s lifetime. These issues can often be so severe that they require the affected person to alter their lifestyle just to manage the problem.

Back pain can be caused in a number of ways, but it is widely believed that lifting heavy or irregularly shaped objects is the main culprit. Every year thousands of employees pursue back injury compensation claims against companies that have been negligent in both training staff inappropriate lifting and providing adequate personal protective equipment. Melbourne Movers will help you avoid back injury as they follow the processes discussed below.

When moving out on your own there is a high probability that you will have to lift or move objects of varying weight. The last thing on your mind at this point will probably your own safety, but believe me when I say it should be. Injuring your back will affect the moving process and could potentially lead to postponing the whole procedure.

How to Avoid Back Issues

I would advise that you are very careful with the amount that you’re lifting and how regularly you are doing it. If you feel a twinge it is advisable to cease lifting until you are certain that the issue has been resolved.

If you come across objects that are heavier or of an awkward shape/size, you should ensure that you use lifting aids or seek the help of a friend. you can use tips for moving heavy furniture and you can get Lifting aids to include anything from a hand trolley to a back brace/lifting belt.


This is a big one when lifting tries not to twist or position yourself in an awkward way as this creates unnecessary strain on your back. Experts advise that twisting with any weight in hand can be potentially detrimental to your well-being.

As strange and contradictory as this might sound you should also avoid a rigid statue when carrying items and try to remain relaxed as this will alleviate the pressure around your joints, tendons, and muscles. If you find that you are tensing up when lifting an item it is probably heavier than recommended and grabbing a friend to help could save you some pain.

Already Suffering

If you are already experiencing problems with your back it could definitely be beneficial to employs the services of professional removalists they will help you and provides you information about how to move a sofa. This will reduce stress levels and prevent any exacerbation of an existing issue.

Although almost all of us have been told that bed rest is the best way to remedy to back complaints, however, this is completely untrue as medical professionals have deemed that staying active is a far better solution. Many people find themselves struggling with back-related pains and most will claim that their symptoms have been relieved through regular light exercise.

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