Tips to Control Mice Plague Around the Home or Business

It is no wonder a mice plague can send people scurrying to the phone to ring their local pest controller when everything you seem to do does not get rid of your mice problem.

When there is a plague you will be re setting mouse traps continually sometimes with success and other times the mice will get a free dinner.

Professional canberra pest control operators already know that the female mice reach sexual maturity at around 6 weeks of age and as such are prolific breeders.

“Given the idea breeding conditions from spring to autumn with good weather conditions ensure that the mice have an excellent and steady food supply.”

“These conditions across Australia can give the mice an extended breeding season with a population explosion in autumn that can be up to 1400 per hectare has been recorded.”

With the number of mice you can see that the humble mouse trap is not going to come near clearing up your mice problem.

Over this time the mice will do considerable damage to crops grain storage not forgetting spoiling foodstuffs and spreading disease through their droppings in your pantry.

In July when the weather becomes cooler the numbers of mice can start to fall off as food supply starts to diminish.  It is at this time that the mice can also become sick and disease spreads and aggression increases.

Lessen chances of mice plague around the home or business:

Keep an eye out for active burrows or pathways and sightings at night to give you an idea of the numbers you are dealing with.

Clean pantries and keep foods stuffs in jars or tins.

Wipe down all surfaces do not forget to sweep floors. Take away their food source.

Fix dripping taps and seal sinks at night.

Look at where the mice are getting in, is there a screen that needs repair or a hole in the wall that you have not noticed before.

This screen should be repaired and the hole filled with steel wool and sealed.

 Look at repairs to roofs and sealing where they may be gaining entry.

Honestly, if you have a mice plague in your area or experiencing one in your home, it has already gone past the fact to set a few traps and they will go away – wrong.

What many people do is start to try to poison the mice but with no knowledge of mixing poisons could be putting people at risk.

Call Marks Pest Control today on 0433 791 074, when it comes to mice or rat pest problems.

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