Follow Steps to Repair the Color of Valuable Leather Furniture

Many things can damage the color of your leather furniture, including the natural drying process, abrasion from normal use, cracks, etc. It can actually make your leather upholstery look dull and shabby but it’s a simple repair. In no time, you can have your upholstery looking fantastic again here are some steps to repair scuffed leather sofas to its original state.

Cleaning the Leather Furniture

The first step is to clean all the dirt from the leather. This will ensure that the treatment process for the color of the leather works more efficiently, and helps your leather look immense. Use a brand of leather cleaner that has gotten good reviews and ratings online or that is suggested by your furniture manufacturer. Start by testing a small amount of your cleaner on an inconspicuous area of the upholstery. If it works fine with the leather, apply it to a clean, dry cloth and work it over the surface areas of the furniture. Then, using another clean, dry cloth, wipe it all off to remove the dirt.


Next, you will degrease the areas of the leather that have the color spoil. You can use a popular leather degreaser for this step. There are various brands of degreaser available on the market – look for any of the more popular ones. Simply apply this to a clean fabric and rub it over the damaged areas of the leather.

Sand Worn Out Areas

Next, you will use fine-grade sandpaper to sand the rougher areas of the leather back down to a smooth surface. Do this very tenderly and only sand over the areas that are rough and already color-damaged. Feel with your hand to make certain that the surface of the upholstery is very smooth before continuing to the next step.

Color Restorer

Next, you will apply a color restorer to the surface that you previously sanded including any areas of the leather that are faded or where the color is vanished. Using a sponge, apply the color restorer generously to those areas. Rub it in well with the sponge or cloth you’re using. You may want to apply this to the whole surface of the furniture or just the damaged parts. Then, when you’re finished, use a hair dryer to dry the product thoroughly.


To help keep the color in your furniture, you will want to apply a conditioner to the leather habitually. The conditioner keeps the leather supple and hydrated so it doesn’t crack and dry out; one of the leading causes of color loss in leather furniture. You simply apply it in the same way you did these other products: pour it onto a clean cloth and rub it over the fabric softly. If you don’t have a commercial conditioner on hand, many people use olive oil or baby oil as it will also keep the leather oiled and hydrated.

When you follow these steps, you can ensure that the color in your leather is bright and beautiful. It can almost seem as if you’ve replaced your old leather furniture with a new set. For more information talk with experts at Back 2 New Cleaning Perth Upholstery Cleaning today!

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