Homemade Carpet Stain Remover Recipes

Stains are perhaps one of the most common problems at home equipment such as carpets. In fact, it is inevitable. Accidents happen all the time and as much as you try to be suspicious or expect that everything will be ideal all the time, things will always get stained. This is the reason why a lot of people are always looking for some homemade stain remover for clothes or some homemade carpet cleaning solution and stain remover. Carpets and furniture are perhaps the most vulnerable pieces at home. You can go spill and get some stains or your dog might do its thing on the carpet. All these occur on frequently.

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It is with this reason why it is very important to arm yourself with some good homemade stain remover recipes. These all around recipes can be used in just about any type of stain and any type of carpet material. Of course, it will help if you will search for other homemade stain remover recipes if your carpet fabric is a bit sensitive like silk or satin. But these are the basic recipes that people have been using-around over the years.

Recipe 1

In this recipe, you will collect different pieces of soaps and mix them in a jar. This is a good method for all frugal people out there because it will just need some old soap and some boiling water. Collect them in a jar and just set them aside. It can also be a ornamental item if your soaps have different colors. If they are big, try to cut them into smaller pieces.

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After filling your jar, pour some boiling water. Make sure that your jar is glass and not plastic. Boiling water can have a negative effect on plastic jars. The soap will melt and you will get a paste-like structure. This soap can now be used to pre-treat stains in laundry. From here, you no longer need a different recipe for different types of stains on the carpet. Because the soap is more concentrated, it is very easy to get any type of stains out of the carpet.

As a note, it is best to use this homemade stain remover on laundry that has fresh stains. Remember that fresh stains are easier to remove than older stains. So rub this on the affected area then wash it before tossing your clothes in the laundry pile. It will save you a lot of headaches when you wash them.

Recipe 2

Here is a clear-cut homemade stain remover recipe where you only need to have all the ingredients at hand. It can work for just about removing different type of carpet stains. It has been used by the one who suggested it for years and it has never faltered. The best part is that its ingredients can easily be found at home.

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Here are the ingredients that you need to collect. You need half a cup of white vinegar along with half a cup of liquid detergent, water and ammonia. There is no special mixing needed. Just mix all the ingredients together and put it in a spray bottle. With this, you will be armed to tackle any type of stain that comes your way.

So there you have it. These are two influential home-grown carpet stain remover recipes. Be sure to have them ready at home in the case that accident happens.

If none of these options will work or if the scratches or damage to the furniture are more serious than a surface scratch, you may want to call in a professional carpet cleaning Melbourne Company.

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