Cleaning Secrets To Deal With Spills and Stains of Carpet

You would also be one of those people who love the coziness and comfort of carpets and you might hate to deal with stains and spills. It does not matter how much careful you are there would be a time when a hard stain would splotch on the surface of your precious carpet. However, dealing with hard stains would be best when the experts of carpet stain removal are involved because they are well aware of methods to remove stains. Well, there are some of the tips and tricks that you can try to deal with hard spills as well as stains.

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Carpet Stain Removal

Tips To Prevent The Arrival of Stains

Vacuuming Once A Week

Carpets are able to easily accrue debris, dirt and it would make it more difficult for you to lift the stains as they occur. The stains around the high traffic areas such as halls, entryways would make a darker shade. The carpet cleaning services provider suggest to regularly vacuum carpets as it can amazingly help you.

Weighing Item Down To Hard Stains

In case the stain does not come up, you should try to layer some dry towels on it and weigh it down with a book or something heavy. This would help you to absorb possible amount of liquid from the stain. Then, you can pour more water and blot the stained area again but you should make sure the water is dried thoroughly and it does not stagnate for preventing mold growth.

Using Shaving Cream to Lift Up Stains

There are some of the stains that can be lifted by a careful application of shaving cream; it might sound strange but it is a very common trick. The experts of carpet stain removal suggest to use blue-tinted gel type shaving cream as it is more effective than creamy shaving creams.

Using Dishwashing Liquid for Removing Grease Stains

In case, your carpet has oil or grease stain, the dishwashing liquid would help you. The dishwashing liquid is best as it formulated for breaking the structure of grease stains for easy removal. You should not forget that this could for a little long way.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide for Blood Stains

Hydrogen peroxide tends to fizz a little during the presence of bloodstains and then you can remove it easily. One thing carpet cleaning services provider should keep in mind is that hydrogen peroxide need to be washed as soon as possible. This is because it is a bleaching agent and it can lighten your carpet.

Scraping Up Sticky Stains

It is suggested to manually remove the sticky stains by scraping and using a blunt knife. Pouring water on sticky stain would result in melting of solution and it will be deeply settled. The sticky items usually remain on the surface of the carpet until they have been diluted.

Man Cleaning Stain On Carpet With Sponge
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