Spot Treatment For Most Common Carpet Stains

Carpet cleaning is one of the most important and common routines. To maintain your carpet for long, regular carpet cleaning is important. You take care of your carpet to prevent it from various stains but accidents do happen and our carpet can get spoiled.  To prevent your carpet from stains you can use doormats or no-shoe policy in your home. But with the time your carpet can get affected by various stains like food, wine, ink, coffee, grease, and oil.

To get rid of these stains from your carpet you can ask for help from professionals for carpet stain removal or you can simply follow the DIY methods to remove these stains:

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DIYs To Get Rid Of Various Stains:

Dirt Stains

To remove dirt stains from your carpet you need to prepare two cleaning solutions. You can prepare one mixture by mixing detergent with water and to create the second mixture you need to mix vinegar with water. firstly you can spray the detergent solution on the dirt stain and then blot it away using a dry cloth. Repeat the same process with a vinegar-based solution. Dirt stain will be removed from your carpet and if still, you can notice the stain then you need to spray the stain again with a detergent solution and blot it down again. In the last, you need to treat the area with lukewarm water and let the carpet dry.

Ink Stains

If you notice any ink stain on your carpet then you need to treat it with rubbing alcohol. Never pour alcohol directly on the stain as it will result in damaging your carpet. use alcohol to damp clean cloth and then blot the ink stain. Continue blotting until carpet stain removal is completely done. When ink stains are completely removed then spray lukewarm water on the stained area and to soak the excess liquid you can use a fresh towel.

Pet Stains

If there is any pet stain on your carpet then you need to sprinkle baking soda on the stained area and blot it using detergent solution and let it settle for about 10 minutes. Remove the liquid by soaking it with the help of the dry cloth. Now create a cleaning solution by mixing vinegar and warm water then blot the stain again with this solution. Let it settle again for about 10 minutes and blot down the excess liquid.

Carpet Stain Removal
Carpet Stain Removal

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