Things Not To Use During Carpet Stain Removal

If anything is spilled on your carpet then you act quickly to remove the spillage so that it cannot convert into a stain. But at that time you need to use things that are adaptable and suited to your carpet type. If you use the things mentioned below then it can make your condition worse and you will end up damaging your carpet. If you have applied inappropriate things on your carpet and are worried then you need to hire carpet cleaning experts to recover the situation.

Carpet Cleaning Hobart
Carpet Stain Removal

While Treating Spills and Stains Never The Things Mentioned Below:


Before starting Carpet Cleaning in Hobart during pre-inspection, a person can point out the stain. Before putting salt on it, you must know that salt can draw moisture into your carpet and there effects also that you don’t want.

Salt is generally used in dying process, some people might think that it is to fix the dye to the carpet fibers but it is used to color the dyeing solution and allow it to drive on the carpet fibers.

Putting salt on stains like coffee, red wine, can also force the color to penetrate through carpet fibers. This is not something that you want, so avoid salt while treating stains on your carpet.

Soda Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate and baking soda are capable of removing some marks from your carpet but only when used with an acidic solution. If you use these bicarbonates without acid then it does little.

The problem with using soda bicarbonate for carpet stain removal is that it depends on the type of stain you want to remove. As a side effect, you can end up with white residue which can be even harder to get rid of. There are various easy ways to get the same result.

Some people even think that vinegar will bleach the carpet but there is very little risk of happening this, even you have woolen carpets.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Most of the commercial carpet cleaners contain bleach in its ingredients and can cause discoloration to your carpet. So always watch out for these products and never use them. While using these products for carpet cleaning you are leaving the chemicals on your carpet to allow the bleach to color out the carpet. Another thing with using these commercial cleaners is that they can also leave a sticky residue on your carpet which can only attract more dirt to it.

Commercial Carpet Cleaners
Commercial Carpet Cleaners

How Can We Help You?

If you are having a very bad time while cleaning your carpet then you can contact SK Cleaning Services, and allow us to do the job on your behalf. We have a team of professionals with all the modern equipment to provide you effective results. In Hobart you can call or visit us to schedule an appointment.

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