Identifiable Signs of Termite Damage in Your House

Termites are every household worry, especially when they have successfully entered the house and invest themselves in the wood in the house. To avoid further destruction of the substructure of the house, there are actually some identifiable signs of termite damage in your house that you can detect early. What are those signs? Check the description below.

Check the foundation as it is possible if the termites have caused foundation damage. The foundation plays an important role in the way termites can go in and out of the house. Since it is the way in and out of termites; they may as well do damage to the foundation. Some obvious signs of termite damage in your house are when there are too many cracks in the foundation and it gives a higher chance for termites to impact further damage.


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If the termites have successfully entered the house through the crack of the foundation, there will be some damage to the floor. The damage becomes more obvious if the flooring of the house uses woods. The first sign of floor damage that may not that obvious to signal termites damage yet is suspicious enough is when you feel the floor is too springy or there is the sound of echoing from the inside of the floor. The more recognizable signs of termite damage in your house particularly on the floor are when you notice blisters on the floor, cracks and skirting floorboards.

The damage that can be inflicted by termite infestation is in the ceiling. Drywood termites usually like to hang on the ceiling or attic. They may have infested themselves if you notice some cracks in it. Also, notice if you feel something powdery falls from above the house. If it is in the sand-like form, it is probably the excess of termites. If you notice those signs of termite damage in your house ceiling, better to check whether the damage is critical and you need to change the wood or it is still reparable. If it is not taken care of properly, it can be dangerous especially if you have young kids at home. The chance of the ceiling to fall is always possible.

control termites

Aside from the permanent part of the house, the termites can also attack the furniture in your house that is made of wood. For example, if you have a wooden chair or wooden cupboard, notice the signs of termite damage in your house if there are some blisters and cracks in that furniture. Also, notice if you think the floor near that furniture that may as well is the termite’s excess. Damage in the furniture can lead to infliction loss, that’s why you need to buy wood paint that is formulated to be termites free.

Those signs above are more or less observable enough. By recognizing the damage, it is easier to do some prevention to prevent further damage. Make sure to contact a Termite Control Melbourne professional and ask for the best strategy to get rid of them. At the very least, after noticing signs of termite damage in your house, you can buy termiticides to kill some approachable termite colonies.

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