How Does Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Take Place

This is always the priority as a house owner or business owner to keep your house and facility healthy and well presented. We can all probably agree that carpets can get covered in stains rather quickly which makes your carpets look dirty and lowers the class and look of your house or office. But science has advanced in recent years, with companies offering Hot water extraction, carpet steam cleaning and many more for carpet cleaning. Regular vacuum cleaning is important in-home or office but you still need to deep clean your carpet by carpet cleaning expert to reduce allergens and germs harboring in carpets.


What Is Hot Water Extraction?

This is the most common and effective method of carpet cleaning available nowadays. Many carpet cleaning professionals also suggest this method for deep cleaning of carpet to remove hidden germ, bacteria, dirt, and stubborn soil all these things are not generally visible to you by your naked eyes.

How Hot Water Extraction Takes Place?

Hot water extraction cleaning method is done in the following steps

  • Firstly water is mixed with detergents and then heated in the water compartment gently. The detergents used in this process must be eco-friendly and should not damage children, it should be patented and quality checked.
  • The area which is stained on your carpet is treated by injecting high pressure of that solution on those stained spots. This high pressure of solution dislodges dirt particles and makes it easy to clean the carpet.
  •  During cleaning carpet with hot water extraction, professionals also apply a special chemical to soften and decrease the stains even further by your carpets.
  • Carpet Cleaning Experts are always suggested to use the machine twice for the extraction of water and remaining moisture along with grime left within the carpet.


  • Water is the only thing that is used to clean the carpets in the hot water extraction technique, which makes it more suitable for people around those who are suffering from asthma or allergies. This is also helpful to make your carpets more sanitized and provide you a healthy environment.
  • Hot water extraction uses little to no detergents, and what is used is safe for children, pets, and the environment.
  • No chemical residue can be left behind after your carpet is cleaned because the water- detergent ratio in the solution is in favor of water strongly.

How Can We Help You?

Our company Mark’s Carpet Cleaning is the best company providing you the best services for carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Professionals from our company discuss and assist you in different carpet cleaning methods and then clean your carpet with the best method for your carpet. Mark’s Carpet Cleaning Highton uses patented machines and detergents used in the cleaning machines to make your carpets look beautiful and more sanitized.

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