Where do Termites Live and What to do about it?

Knowing where these termites inhabit is actually like mastering the territory of your enemy for revenge. It might sound sinister, but with your uninvited house guests, you can never take chances. Where do termites live? Having the knowledge where this pest hides and munches is the first move towards the most crucial thing about its extermination: taking action.

Scouring every inch of your house is not only exhausting but also not a very practical way to find the mites. To help you in finding the key spots and hiding places of this pest, here are some areas you need to watch out for as well as what you need to do about it.



For some countries, there is a belief that termite mounds are the places where elves and spiritual entities reside. But setting aside this animistic belief, there is nothing on a mound but destructive termites and their whole swarm. This is their castle and it consists of complex tunnels where they roam with specific assigned tasks. Here’s a mind-blowing fact: termite mounds can be as tall as 10 feet. Imagine that alone, I know that you will already have Goosebumps.

So what do you need to do? Should you get that ax and smash the mound into bits? Well, this does not help at all. Even if you remove the external mound, there are still termite networks underground that can rebuild the structure. The best thing to do is to call a Melbourne Pest Control expert to apply pesticides before removing the dead termites’ mound.

termite mounds.jpg


Rotting wood is a perfect nest for this pest with its combination of moisture and cellulose. Also, chopped woods are not an exception since this pest has their claws geared for soft and hard munching. Having these woods stacked in your yard might be the start of unintentionally breeding termites.

Want you to need to do is to simply remove dead tree stumps from your garden and avoid stacking chopped firewood near your wooden house foundation. There is a high chance that it will be soaked in rain and harbor more termites.


Like what I said, damp wood is not the only thing that looks yummy for termites. Your attic beams can also be the perfect refuge of dry wood termites for years without any sign of existence. Also, your furniture is not safe with this pest even if it has a vinyl or lacquer finish.

To act swiftly on this and to probably avoid the occurrence of the pest, I will suggest that you contact a pest control expert to inspect your house. Since there might not be visible signs of termites at this point, you will need the expertise of a Termite Control Melbourne expert.

control termites


If you think that only deadwood is the sole target of these mites, then I will tell you now that living trees are no exception. Wood trees like Oaks and Ash are two of the most threatened trees when it comes to termite infestation. When not attended, these mites can actually kill a tree.

Since this is a living plant, applying commercial pesticides might be dangerous. Again, the help of an expert is needed here so you won’t compromise the life of the tree. So where do termites live? It lives on a living tree.


Adding to the horror of the basement exorcism scene in the movies are termites that are having their feast in your underground room. Since basements can be flooded at times, it harbors moisture that mites love. With you not having the time to go downstairs to check, the termites are slowly bringing your house down.

control termite.jpg

What you need to do is regularly check and clean your basement especially during the rainy season. This will reduce the chance of termites flocking in as well as other insects and rats inhabiting your house. Also, the regular application of pesticides is an effective way to avoid pests.

Knowing alone is not enough to prevent these termites from damaging your home. Paired with effective action, you will surely avoid the pests. The next time that you plan against your munching enemies, you might as well know first where to launch the attack.

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