How Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality?

Carpets are very important and essential features of any home decor. Almost every household has a carpet or a rug installed to cover their floors. Carpets not only provide us with a soft ground to walk upon but also add beauty and elegance to the interior decor. It must be noted that carpet forms an integral and important part of the home environment. Condition of any carpet can directly affect the air we breathe in. dirty and old carpets are always loaded with dirt, dust and debris. There are some hidden dangers in any carpet as well. Bacteria, pathogens, pollen, allergens and pollutants present in the carpet can cause severe allergies.

People exposed to this dirty carpet can have difficulty breathing, skin allergies and various other problems. Its highly suggested that you follow routine cleaning of the carpet to keep dust at bay. Stains too can cause severe problems to any carpet installation. Ignoring carpet stain removal can result in the growth of germs and pathogens. Its highly suggested that you follow carpet stain removal and carpet sanitisation asap.

Bacteria present in the carpet can also cause it to stink. This bad odour released by bacteria present in the carpet can also degrade indoor air quality. We advise you to hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for deep and effective cleaning of the carpet. Professional cleaners can deliver the best carpet cleaning results which can further improve the indoor air quality. In this blog, we are providing you with some benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaning services. And how can they help you in improving the indoor air quality?


Factors Affecting Indoor Air And How Professionals Can Treat Them

    • Bacteria
      Bacteria are very dangerous pathogens that can expose you to various infections and diseases. Any carpet at a given time is loaded with bacteria. Imagine walking barefoot over any carpet with bacteria and how it may affect your health. This bacteria can feed on organic matter and release a bad odour. This bad odour released by dirty carpets can compromise the overall quality of the indoor air. Breathing in odour can result in breathing problems and allergies. Professional carpet cleaning services can deliver the best carpet sanitisation. Various commercial disinfectants and products are used to terminate the bacteria. Deep and thorough cleaning of the carpet will also help in delivering carpet deodorisation. 
    • Pet Dander
      We all love our pets and consider them as a part of the family. But your pet cat or dog will shed hundreds of hair every day. So any carpets will trap this hair and pet dander. The presence of hair on the carpet will also affect indoor air quality. Professional carpet cleaners can deliver the best cleaning of the carpets to keep that pet dander away.
    • Allergens
      Air outside can bring along various allergens to your homes. A carpet will trap those allergens and contaminate the indoor air with it as well. Allergens like spores, pollens, heavy dust, paint residue and chemicals can expose you to breathing allergies and bronchyitis.profesisoanls use a variety of methods to deliver the best carpet cleaning service. special vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters are used to remove all those allergens from any carpet. Chronic exposure to these allergens can put your health to severe risk.
    • Pollutants and Contaminants
      Pollution is the biggest problem faced by the world today. It’s been stated by experts that the air inside can be 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Carpets can trap various pollutants and contaminants and contaminate the air with them. Suspended particles, heavy pollutants, toxic gases and toxic chemicals can get their way into the carpet. Chronic exposure to these irritants and pollutants can cause severe lung diseases and even cancer. Its highly advised that you hire a professional cleaner to get rid of these pollutants. Professionals can use carpet steam cleaning or carpet shampooing to eradicate all those contaminants and pollutants.
    • Mould Or Fungi
      Any dirty carpet is always at a risk of mould formation. Carpets can trap fungal pollen and any contact with water or moisture can cause mould infestations. Mould or mildew is a fungus that is hazardous to human health. Mould will appear as a thick black layer on the carpet and it will deteriorate and damage the carpet permanently. Mould infestations can severely affect the indoor air and cause you to suffer allergies and diseases. Professional carpet cleaning in Preston can get rid of mould in no time. Carpet mould removal is carried out by using strong anti-fungal products and deep cleaning of the carpet.
    • Chemicals
      Various products and substances that you use for carpet cleaning can contain toxic chemicals. Even simple solvents can leave dangerous chemicals on the carpet. Carpet fibres will trap those chemicals and impact the indoor air. Also, various stains can leave chemicals and acidic content within the carpet. Professionals can deliver complete eradication of those chemicals and will also maintain the natural ph balance of the carpet.
    • Dust, Dirt and Debris
      Last and the most common factor deteriorating the indoor air quality id dust. Carpets are prone to the daily accumulation of dirt, dust and mud. This dust trapped by the carpet can also contaminate the indoor air. Dust particles will get suspended in the air you breathe. Breathing in the air filled with dust can cause breathing difficulties and even asthma.

Professional Assistance

SK Cleaning Services is an established name in the field of professional carpet cleaning services. We provide our customers with all kinds of Carpet Cleaning Services Perth at low and reasonable costs. We are available for you round the clock 24×7. We have a highly-skilled staff of professional carpet cleaners. Equipped with all the necessary tools and specialised equipment. We can deliver the best carpet cleaning results for you. Don’t let the dirty carpets impact the air you breathe in. hire our professional carpet cleaners today and get your carpets deep cleaned within 24 hours.

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