How to Repair Worn Carpet

Old worn carpets can create an unpleasant, musty atmosphere that renders the room dull and all but fresh. However, should you throw your worn carpet away, if you have one? Definitely not! This particular article will show you how to restore it instead.



There is a very easy technique that you can use to restore your old, worn carpet. It was transmitted to me by one’s grandmother who had the habit of piling up things. She would refuse to throw or change her furniture, even if it were old and worn. According to her, old things are precious, for they carry in them stories of an unrepeatable time.

First of all, start by cutting the edges of the carpet to give it a proper shape. Prepare a fluffy faux fur fabric with the same size as the carpet and another small one with a different color. To have a great result, get a heavy-duty paper and cut a small circle to save aside. Afterward, cover the worn carpet with hot glue and paste the fluffy fabric. Now you have a beautiful-looking carpet. But this is not all! Take the cardboard circle and use it as a measuring tool to cut the small fabric into circles. Place the circles on the carpet and shape a flower. With the hot glue, paste the furry petals of the flower on the facade of the carpet. Here you go! You have a brand new carpet.

If You Do Not Have The Fabric Needed Or Cannot Afford It, Do Not Worry-

There is another easy technique that does not require you to have fabric or hot glue. All you require to do is to paste tape strips on the carpet in spontaneous directions. Afterward, choose spray paint bottles of the colors that you like and spray the carpet with one color at a time. When dry, remove the tape strips and enjoy your brand new carpet!

And if you cannot afford paint spray bottles, do not worry. There is still another way to make your old carpet look new. All you need is a tool called a carpet rake. This latter is very easy to find online. In fact, carpet stores use it to beautify their carpets so people buy them. It is quite beneficial to revive an old carpet and make it look fresh.

And if the edges of your carpet are frayed, this problem can be easily fixed by measuring the length and the width of the carpet and then with a big needle, hand-sewn edges with a piece of thick fabric folded in two, making sure that the edges of the carpet fall between the fold.

The techniques mentioned above are very useful. However, what to do if you have no time for carpet restoration by yourself? or if you are simply not interested in DIY, yet do not want to throw your worn carpet?

Hire Professional Carpet Repair Services To Fix Your Carpets

There are various carpet repairs in Brisbane to which you can resort. These professional carpet services ensure a satisfactory worn carpet repair and cleaning of old, damaged carpets.

Most professional carpet repair services rely on different methods to repair damaged carpets. The most common ones are steam cleaning (the use of hot water) or dry cleaning (the use of a dry absorbent compound).

‘’Sparkling Cleaning Services’’, with its modern and innovative techniques, provides incomparable results. The use of high-quality, eco-friendly products, the expertise, professionalism of its staff, and their precise diagnosis of the problem will leave you beyond satisfied. Old, dirty, frayed, worn, torn? Don’t throw it! Send it to “Sparkling Cleaning Services” and you will be amazed by the result.

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