Why Ink Stains Seem Tough To Be Removed?

Carpet-Mould-Removal-Brisbane-3.jpgInk stains are almost impossible to be removed from the surface of the carpets and putting carpet cleaning into action. The most important aspect of carpet cleaning is thorough cleaning which is done only through professionals.

It is almost impossible to remove ink stains if it is at the lower edge. If the Stains are dealt with immediately after the stains happened and with the right methods, most of them will disappear. To get this properly done, you need an expert’s advice along with a professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

Some Important Tips When Removing Ink Stains From Your Carpets

  • If the stain of ink is old then it is almost impossible to make it out of the carpet for the permanent method, it may not go completely, its stain maybe there although that will reduce with time. The best thing you can do to tackle an ink stain is that as soon as it pours on the carpet wash it off quickly with cold and then hot water and leave it for a while in the water.
  • Choose an inconspicuous part of the carpet like the turned underside of them, facing, etc to try the chemical and let the ink out of it. Chemicals can also be the best way to remove the stain out of the carpet.

How to Remove Ink Stains From Clothes


  • From Chemicals
    It is thought that inks will vanish when it comes to the contact of the sun or any other source of light for a long period of time. A fountain pen ink will disappear with high powder detergent. The DIY carpet cleaning method includes Pre-soaking the carpets, after washing with hot water, for 10 minutes. Pen ink responds to alcohol.
    For permanent stains, you can try washing with dry clothes and then rub some acidic product on the stain. Wash again with a dry cloth and then wash as usual. But softly because they are permanent and once moisturized then can be spread too and nothing else to remove this can be removed by giving dry wash too.
  • Lemon Juice / Vinegar
    Lemon juice application on the stain instantly reduces the stiffness and then may help carpet cleaning experts as they consider cleaning the carpet.

    There are many methods by which ink stains can be removed but in case you don’t feel satisfied with the same, you can contact to help you easing of this work and let your carpets free from ink spots by carpet cleaning techniques.

How Do Assist You?

We at Tip Top Clean understand that Ink stains amongst the toughest Carpet Cleaning Stain, hence need to be addressed at the earliest. Having said that, you can definitely try out the option discussed, or contact tip top clean to attend the ink stain. We ensure timely ink stain removal and help you manage it very much like as you bought new.

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