Dealing With House Mice Infestations

House mice infestations are actually more common – and more problematic – than you might think. The house mouse can cause a number of problems with the destruction those little teeth can cause being the least of your concerns. House mice will eat just about anything. Not only will they chew through boxes and bags to get to your food, but they will also eat your pet’s food. The fecal matter that they leave behind is not only gross, but it can contaminate the food or surface it was on, leading to a variety of sicknesses if not properly cleaned up after. However, if you know the signs of and how to deal with a house mice infestation, you will be able to catch it early enough and deal with it quickly.

Signs of house mice infestation include:

Get Rid of Mice.jpg

  1. Chewed up food containers. Containers such as cardboard boxes and even paper or thin plastic bags can easily be chewed through.
  2. Things knocked over. Mice, in a hurry, may knock over some things, especially in the kitchen where they may knock over spice jars in the cabinetry.
  3. Fecal droppings are one of the biggest signs of a mouse infestation, and they will appear in drawers and cabinets, and possibly even in the corners of counter space.

Other signs of an infestation include scratching sounds and other squeaking sounds within the walls. The clearest sign, as always, is seeing the mouse with your own two eyes.

As soon as you have discovered a house mice infestation, you’ll want to take action quickly. Call Bendigo Pest Control professionals or buy mouse traps from the market. There are a variety of traps and poisons you can take advantage of in order to deal with this infestation. Most of the method you use is dependent upon what you are most comfortable with.

Mice Infestations.png

There are kill traps that will effectively trap and kill the mouse, and all you will have to do is dispose of the body. Keep in mind that some traps may not instantaneously kill the mouse, and so you may find a mouse struggling its way toward death when you check on the trap. However, most traps are fairly quick and effective when it comes to exterminating the mouse – it’s simply a matter of choosing the appropriate one.

Other methods of dealing with house mice infestations involve live catch traps. These traps will catch the mice and keep them alive, as you can tell by the name. Once caught, the mice will be able to live within the trap, and you will have to take the mouse out and release it into the wild. Many people prefer these traps simply because they are more humane and do not involve having to handle a dead mouse body. You’ll just want to be sure you drop the mouse off quite away from your home because mice can have very large territories.

House mice infestations can cause a wide variety of inconvenient problems for you and your family. However, when you know what to look for and how to get rid of a mouse, you’ll be able to deal with the problem before it becomes too much to handle.

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