Amazing Facts About Termite

We all know the familiar facts about termites that they are the creatures that destroy our house by consuming the wood it can eat up. Termites are awakened the whole day as they do not sleep so that they can eat twenty fours a day.

It is always to know detailed information about these pests, as it will not only help you to save your home but it is still good to possess some extra information about any pest.

The following are the seven mind-blowing facts about termites, after knowing them you will be amazed for sure.

Ants and Termites are rivals:-

Termites are the food of ants, so if you have ants in your house or nearby areas then are contented that you will not have termites in your house. But not to forget there are numerous problems if you have ants in your house, but still, ants will not harm your property like the termites.


More termites than people:-

This fact is really very shocking that in this world there are more termites if we compare the number with the people live on this earth. You will be really surprised to know that 1 person = 1000 pounds of termites. This estimation is very scary. So you can imagine that if you sit and calculate the total number of people on this earth and the number of termites then it’s very huge. So it’s high time that we find possible ways through which termites die in huge quantities so that the ratio of 1 person to termites drastically comes down.

Termites can be consumed:-

Another mind-blowing fact about the termites is that there are many humans who consume these termites the purpose may be to gain nutrition or to get cured of the specific disease. The Australian residents consume these termites alive or by dipping them in any drinks. Some people also eat them with rice wine. Termites are also used for curing cough, people make the soup with termites and add some sugar to it and then just inhale the smoke which comes from the hot boiling soup.

Termite queen can lay many eggs:-

The average number of eggs which the termite queen can lay is between 150 to 300 eggs each year. The termite queen from Africa has the capacity to laying around thirty thousand eggs each day. After 10-15 seconds the termites can lay eggs. The lifespan of these termites ranges between 15 to 24 years. Even a few of these termites can survive until they turn 50 if they take a proper diet. So now you can imagine how fast termites are growing.

Termite queen

Termites build massive humps:-

The humps, nests, etc which are building by termites are used by them to travel, work and stay. These humps are very large measuring around 10 inches which are made inside your house. The mud tubes made by them can be both inside and outside of the house. It is witnessed that twelve feet tube was found, which is build from the ceiling of the house to the flooring.

Termites are the oldest creature:-

We all think that the dinosaur era is the oldest era of civilization, but dinosaurs are estimated to be lived around 220 million years from now, but termites are inhabiting the earth from the last 250 million years whereas the human being is living in this earth from 4.05 million years only.

This blog has exciting, interesting and also informative facts about termites which will help us to know its preventive measures as well as precise details about them which were essential. Get more info about termites by calling a professional Termite Control Melbourne company.

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