Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

You returned home out of an extensive day of labor, starving as well as tired. You go into your cooking area, complete with stunning and fragrant fruits. You choose a tasty looking banana, only to find that the underside is certainly extremely rotten.

The pesky little fruit fly comes home, unnoticed as they take a free ride on the bananas or other fresh fruit. Within a couple of days, a couple has grown into a swarm of tiny. Soon you have your own village of fruit flies. But how to get rid of fruit flies without spending a lot of money on pesticides that will only smell up your house?

Fruit Flies.jpg

Natural Remedies on How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Some homeowners pour vinegar or bleach to your kitchen sink drains. Unfortunately, this tactic does not get rid of fruit flies. It could drown bleach a few, few, or make a few smells like a fruit fly with vinegar. Otherwise, the fruit flies are still at home.

There is a very cheap and easy way to rid your home of fruit flies. Enough to build a trap for fruit flies and trap fruit fly traps. All you need to build a fruit fly trap fruit is a banana or two, a knife, plastic wrap or similar plastic wrap, a few leagues, and old jars or plastic containers can be thrown away after use. Do not use any container you want to keep. Make sure the container is deep enough to keep a few slices of banana.


Once you have the necessary supplies together, just slice up the bananas and divide the slices into several containers. Place plastic wrap or another plastic wrap tightly over the opening of the jar or glass and place a rubber band around it to hold it comfortably in place. Using the point of the knife, make a few small holes in the plastic wrap. Make them very small. The fruit flies can get in, but once inside, they cannot leave. Now it traps the fruit fly trap fruit fly out of their home.

The more fruit flies you have the more fruit fly trap containers you wish to make. If the fruit fly has traveled to other parts of the house, you have to place a container in each room that is to remove the plastic packaging capture!

Fruit Fly.jpg

Let the fruit flies traps to sit for about three days or so, then simply throw the packaging away catch. Remove the trash the same day.

Trapping of fruit flies is easy and cheap to answer the question of how to get rid of fruit flies. No chemicals are needed, the house does not smell terrible, and the traps are environmentally safe. Consult with a Pest Control Liverpool professional to get rid of fruit flies from your home.

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