How to Get rid of Stink Bugs

If you are looking for tips on how to get rid of stink bugs, you aren’t alone. Stink bugs have become a major nuisance across Australia. While this bug isn’t necessarily dangerous, it can still be a major distraction with its pungent smell following it. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can follow to get rid of your stink bugs problem quickly and properly through the use of natural measures, insect-killing products that have effectively helped thousands of homeowners easily eliminate their stink bug problem.

What is a stink bug?

Stink bugs are also known as shield bugs, chust bugs, and Pentatomoidea (scientific term). These bugs have specific glands within their thorax that release the pungent odor that they are so famously known for. Like a skunk, stink bugs will use their odor to detract potential predators. Therefore, the worst smelling stink bugs are those that are living in fear.

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The stink bug isn’t a large insect — up to approximately 1 inch in length, and can be found across a good portion of Australia as well as other countries. The stink bug wants to stay away from any cold weather, and will, therefore, make its way into your house during the cold months. It will happily live off of the fruit within your home if you allow it to. If you don’t, it may still find your home as a nice and safe place to stay in unless you figure out how to get rid of stink bugs.

Is this stink bug dangerous?

Although a stink bug isn’t dangerous, it can spray you with its odor if you try to harm it. If its odor gets into your eye, it will sting. However, the chances of this are usually slim to none.

How to get rid of stink bugs naturally?

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The first tip to getting rid of stink bugs naturally is to eliminate their potential food source within your home. The stink bugs will fall in love with fruit. If you have old leafy fruits (think tomatoes) sitting in your cabinet, you will want to remove them as soon as possible. While it would be hard to recommend a purchase of a stink bug enemy for the purpose of removing stink bugs, you should know that stink bug predators include wasps, praying mantis, birds and spiders. If you see a stink bug within your house, it is best to pick it up with a vacuum cleaner rather than with your hands. As noted above, the stink bug will react to any fear by spraying its pungent odor. If you pick it up with your hands, this will get on you and will be hard to remove. Picking it up with a vacuum hose will keep this spray inside of your vacuum bag.

There are also some preventative measures that you can take to keep the stink bugs out of your home. If you plant tomatoes outside of your home, keep them as far away from your home as possible. If you have any leafy plants that touch your home, trim them back before the winter begins.

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Finally, close up any small holes that lead to the inside of your home. Since stink bugs are looking for a place to hibernate over the cold months, they will naturally be attracted to your home. You’ll need to do whatever you can to keep them away.

How to get rid of stink bugs with products

Most bug sprays universally kill or detract any bug that may be giving you problems.

How to get rid of stink bugs quickly and professionally

For some reason, there are limited resources on the Internet on how to get rid of stink bugs. It has reached the point where some believe that there are limited to no ways of getting rid of these smelly bugs. The truth is, the stink bug is a relatively easy bug to eliminate if you follow specific guidelines. This is where a professional Pest Control Brighton company comes in.

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