Can Honey and Paprika Help You Eliminate Ants?

The best food scavengers on the planet are probably ants. If you have ants in your home, you will want to identify which type of ant you have so that you can determine the best method to use to eliminate them.

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Using Paprika to Control Ants

Everyone who has a kitchen has probably had to do battle with ants at some point or another. You will find several different household remedies that have proven effective in both treating ants and keeping them away. One of the oldest ways known to treat ants is with spices, with one of the most popular spices used being paprika. Remember that a clean kitchen can help control ants.

Preventing Ants in the Kitchen

Ants are always on the search for food, which is why they so commonly originate in the kitchen. After all, this is where most of the food in any home is kept. While ants are not really dangerous, they can be incredibly annoying. You need to control ants in your home to prevent damage to your food and major clean up jobs.

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Paprika is a mild spice that is admired around the world. It is produced from a combination of sweet red peppers and capsicum annum. In Hungary, as well as many other adjacent countries, it is referred to as sweet peppers. Other countries where paprika is particularly popular include Scandinavia, Indonesia, and Japan.

A Non-Toxic Way to Control Ants

Using pesticides in your kitchen around food and food preparation areas can be very hazardous to your health. This is why it is such a great idea to keep ants out of your kitchen through the use of natural remedies. Paprika will not kill the ants, but instead, create a barrier through which they will not cross to enter your kitchen. One caution with paprika is that it can stain when wet.

You can also combine paprika with other herbal remedies to increase its effectiveness. Some great substances to mix with paprika include lavender and garlic. You will need to apply paprika liberally and often in order to keep ants away for good.

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Honey to Eliminate Ants

There are many species of ant that are attracted to the sweet smell of honey, including the carpenter ant, cornfield ant, large yellow ant, pharaoh ant, thief ant, pavement ant, little black ant, false honey ant, Allegheny mound ant, lawn ant, acrobat ant, and odorous house ant. There are other types of ant that are not attracted to honey and alternative ant control measure will need to be used for these species.

False Honey Ants

Other common names for these ants are small honey ants and cold weather ants. While their nests are usually outdoors they will come inside in search of food and sweet liquids to take back to their nest. These ants are usually around 1/8 inch long and vary in color from light brown to almost black. They have a triangular abdomen and their head is smaller than the first antennal segment.

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Using Honey to Control Ants

Finding and destroying the nest or colony is the most important step in ant control. You can locate the nest by using honey, sugar, bacon, or jelly to attract the ants. Once the ants find the bait you simply need to follow them as they return it back to their nest. Once it is located you can destroy it and eliminate the ant problem from your home.

Having a honeybee colony near your home or office is another great way to destroy ants. They get attracted to the honeybee nest and then stuck within the colony. Another way to use honey to kill ants is to mix it with a pesticide. The ants will eat the honey and the pesticide will do the rest. There are many more great ideas for using honey to eliminate ants on the internet you can search for best and Local Pest Control Wollongong professionals to eradicate these tiny insects.

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