How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

Before you learn how to get rid of chipmunks, make sure you are targeting chipmunks and not squirrels.

Chipmunks are native to Asia and North America and closely related to the ground squirrel.

There are a few differences in targeting each pest. The major difference between a chipmunk and a ground squirrel is the stripes that will appear on the face and across the eyes of a chipmunk. You may see stripes on the back of a squirrel, but you will not see them on the face.


Chipmunks feed on grain, nuts, fruit, berries, small frogs, worms, birds’ eggs, insects, fungi and small mice. Why in the world would you want to get rid of these cute creatures? Well, if you have worked years on rearing your prized blueberry bushes or would rather harvest your own pecans, you may want to deter these critters from sharing in your glory.

They are so cute but can be destructive, so now we learn how to get rid of chipmunks.

Killing the cute critters is just inhumane. Why not try scaring them away? Know of a friendly neighborhood hawk flying around. We happen to have our very own hawk and we do mind sharing. This guy is great at keeping away all of our little pesky critters around the house. Bringing a real hawk home just isn’t really possible for everyone so why not try a decoy. Actually, a decoy owl or hawk might just do the trick. You can even find garden owls that are electric, with swiveling heads and eyes that light up.

Control Chipmunk.png

Don’t want to frighten the little creatures? Just spread their least favorite smell around your back yard. You can buy Eau de fox urine at the store. The only downside to this method is that after a rain shower you have to reapply.

When you find poison ivy in your backyard do you know the best way to make it go away? Dig it up and get it out of your yard. Well, when learning how to get rid of chipmunks for good, I learned how to really get rid of them – with a trap. There are a few tips when using a trap. Chipmunks love sunflower seeds.

Mixing the seeds with peanut butter will help attract them and the peanut butter will act as the glue keeping the seeds inside the trap. Also, you will need to add the yummy goo to your trap for several days without setting it. This will get your chipmunks to use to going in and out of the cage without being scared away from the beginning. The tricky part of this strategy is finding a new home for the critters. The woods down the road, the wildlife reserve two hours away, or your neighbor’s yard – you decide!


There are lots of devices on the market to help you with your “how to get rid of chipmunks” quest. Try an ultrasonic pest repellent, which works by producing strong sound pressure in the air. It attacks the hearing and nervous systems of rodents. Ouch! That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun! It works by irritating the paws and nasal passages of the little critters causing them to abandon ship and drives them from your area. Watch out, this can also irritate your family pets, so beware for Buster. Hire Pest Control Hobart professionals to get rid of them.

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