Tips to Getting Rid of the Ants in Home Naturally

Some people call up a pest exterminator as soon as they notice ants in their home. However, you should not rely on market products all the time. Rather, you should first go for the natural products and then only go for market products if the natural tips don’t work for you. Also, a lot of money would be saved if you use natural products that are already available in your home. However, to use them you must know how to use these products. Some tips for using natural products to get rid of the ants from home have been discussed as under:

Identify the Kind of Ant

Remember, all the types of ants are not the same. Hence, you would have to go for a different kind of treatment for a different kind of ant. So, your first task should be to identify the kind of ant in order to be successful in its removal from the house. The university extension service would help you to get information about the ant. You can mail them a close photo of the ant.


Keep Your House Clean

There are very few houses which are clean and at the same time have a lot of ants in them. Hence, you should try to keep your home as clean as possible in order to keep the ants away. Always remember that prevention is better than cure, so start taking early steps.

Erase the Trails of Ants

Generally, ants do not enter your house alone. But they bring a whole lot of ants with them. Hence, you should stop an ant to grow in numbers. A good idea would be to erase their trails as soon as you notice them. You can spray vinegar on them; it would clean the areas and at the same time, help you to Get Rid of Ants Fast.

Hunt for Ant Nests


When you see ants in your house on a daily basis, you might clean it every day. But, when it continues for 2-3 days, you should look if ants have made a nest in your home. In case you find one, wipe it off and clean the area properly using soapy water.

Block the Entry Points

Blocking the entry points of the ants is a nice option to get rid of them on a permanent basis. You can use any insecticide available in your house to spray it on the entry points of the ants and this would help you keep the ants from entering the house.

Kill the ants in the yard

If you have a lawn in your house, you are more likely to get ants near it. So, if you notice that there are ants building up in your lawn, you should take early steps to prevent them from entering the house. It would be a nice idea to kill them in the yard itself. Call Pest Control Ballarat professionals.

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