Tips on Finding a Bed Bud Extermination Company

Finding and a local pest control company with experience is key.  A good cue for whether a pest control company is serious and knowledgeable about bed bugs is whether they have a specially trained bed bug dog.

Bed Bugs are probably more difficult to deal with than any other pest.  They hide in the most extraneous and difficult to get to places.  They have known to hide in electrical outlets, in the bed frame, the mattress, box spring, and in the walls.

When you get treatment for bed bugs you need to ensure it is comprehensive.

How you would choose among bed bug exterminator services. But before panic takes over, here are some tips on what to look for in a Pest Control Adelaide Specialist for bed bug exterminator.

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Bedbug infestation is a serious problem warranting professional assistance. But with the numerous companies mushrooming out, it’s just difficult to decide which ones are worth choosing. Looking into the exterminator’s credibility is a good start. Of course, this entails many things from licenses to satisfied customers. But the little effort that goes into this makes a lot of difference. Ask for documents from business permits to exterminator license. Legitimate and professional Pest Controllers Adelaide will be more than happy to showcase these documents. It is also a good idea to ask around about the exterminator. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful and compelling way to verify credibility. In a nutshell, you must look for training attended, accreditation and certifications. Above these, there must be a roster of satisfied clients willing to recommend them to you.


Though many exterminators have been in the business for years, it does not mean they’re expertise is with bedbugs. Here, the experience is more about the number of bed bug infestations they have helped eliminate. It really has to be specific with bedbugs! Moreover, it pays to know how many clients were really satisfied with their work.

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Most will not openly admit that cost matters as long as the problem goes away. But what to look for in a bed bug exterminator must include a cost. The service does not take just one session. There will be several follow up sessions and they too will entail money. So it is important to discuss how many visits are required and how much you need to dish out. Of course discounts and freebies will always be a welcomed bargaining chip.

Method of Extermination

There are numerous ways of dealing with bedbug infestations and exterminate bed bugs. This can range from freezing tactics to contact killers. You need to find one that will match your health condition, building requirements and even consider residual contaminants. Knowing how they will tackle your infestation problem is a vital piece of information.

Bed Bug Removal and Mattresses

Instead of throwing out the bed, a realistic alternative is a special bed bug safe box spring and mattress covers that seal the bed bugs.  These covers are designed to prevent the bed bugs from squeezing through.

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Special pillow covers are also available.

These covers make a good investment for peace of mind and are a good investment for that reason alone.

They are imperative if you have bed bugs and in this age of a global bed bug pandemic — they provide peace of mind and protect your box spring and mattress. Not that you would want to, but pest control companies do not spray the box spring or mattress. The box spring and mattress covers don’t allow bed bugs in or if you have bed bugs allow them out — frankly they are the best way to protect your mattress and box spring while also providing the best way to deal with bed bugs in your mattress or box spring.

A bedbug infestation is a problem worth all your attention. But to solve this predicament, you need to intelligently find the right solution.

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