How to Remove Makeup Stains from Carpet?

Having carpet will add color and embellishment to your home but it is also considered as a dilemma in maintenance because once something spills on it, you will have a hard time removing it. It is very hard to take off makeup and its residue from the carpet. There are solutions to this problem especially when you know the makeup that caused the stain on the carpet. It is important for you to know that both liquid and powder stuff can cause a stain if you let the product stay on the carpet for a long time. The oil content coming from the makeup will sit on the carpet and it will be harder to remove it over time.

Knowing the makeup brand will help you find the right type of product to remove the makeup stains from the carpet. There are makeup products that don’t contain oil such as eye shadow, foundation, and blush, but some liquid products such as lipstick, mascara, and foundation generally contain oil which will sit on the fiber of the carpet if not removed right away. Here are some helpful tips on how to remove makeup stains from your carpet.

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The first thing that you should do is remove the lipstick stain from the carpet and you can do that by dabbing and then rinse it with water and put on some laundry soap if the stain is hard to remove. If you are still having a hard time removing the makeup, what you can do is to put on propyl alcohol which will be followed by a detergent soap. You can also clean your carpet at home by yourself also. Here are some tips to clean your carpet at home as well.

If mascara or an eyeliner stained the carpet you can remove it by dabbing a dish washing liquid along with drops of liquid to the affected area. Using a solvent for cleaning will make the mascara stick to the fibers of the carpet. You have to let the dish washing liquid stay there for a few minutes until it dries up. When it is dry you can then brush away the residue.

Another thing that you can do to remove the makeup stain from the carpet is to put on some drops of hydrogen peroxide. Just make sure that you will only use a few drops of not more than 3% of the solution. Leave it there for a few minutes and then remove the stain by dabbing it with a clean cloth afterward.

Some powder-based solutions such as powder; blush-on and others can be removed using a toothbrush but make sure to do that so that the stains will not spread out in a larger part of the carpet.

The makeup stain can be removed but it can also stay there for a long time if you will not properly attempt to remove them.

You should at least try to break the stain before you try to use cleaning solutions later on. These are some helpful ways that you can use to remove the makeup from your carpet. For more info contact a professional carpet cleaning Helensvale company.

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