Get Rid of Ants Naturally Some Useful Tips and Methods

When ants infest in the apartment, raises the question: how do you get rid of ants naturally, and preferably as soon as possible. There are some useful tips and methods and we are going to tell it you right now.

Why Ants are Detrimental and Perilous

The conclusion is obvious: they encroach on food and can ruin it completely also they can damage furniture and clothing. They are crafty, can be everywhere and settle in the table, cupboard, laptop, under the tiles, etc. They are carriers of various diseases, which is rather a good reason to take them out of the apartment.

Regulations of Life of Ants                                                         

Knowledge of the rules of life of ants helps is very obliging. It should be noted that the ants are omnivorous, and a bucket with garbage attracts them no less sugar or bread bins. Ants are carriers of germs, like flies and cockroaches, and what danger you are threatened, it depends on the bin apartment itself and the number of ants. This is the basis of the answer to how to get rid of ants and precautionary measures.

Different matter – it is a struggle with ants that is very difficult, but you can win it if you take into account the characteristics of the life of ants. You need to know that the center of an ant colony – it is their anthill where live “queens” that are adult female insects that produce new working individuals. They are not allowed to go out of the anthill and cannot find food on their own; the other worker ants take care of them.

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Place of the Anthill                        

It is very difficult to find the location of the anthill in the apartment. As a rule, it is well hidden in a small cavity located on the wall or floor. But if you find the entrance to the anthill, take the time before the break the floor of the wall, the hidden from view corridor that leads directly into the anthill may belong, and you mess up the room. Pay attention to the fact that worker ants are the core of the anthill and if you put the poison in your home, they obligatorily bring it to the anthill.


To permanently stop the ant’s access to the apartment, you need to follow some tips.

Follow hygiene: taking out the trash, clean up does not keep long dishes dirty.

Spread out in a place where ants enter the home, strips of cucumber peel – it will scare them

Store all kinds of food in a closed position.

Ants to stop attacks on your desk and other items, simply wipe them with soapy water.

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How to Get Rid of Ants: Method

If you want to know how to get rid of ants, there are few recipes to help you to get rid of those uninvited guests.

You can use chemicals that contain diethyltoluamide or dimethyl phthalate. Treat the angles with these substances twice a day in 3-4 days.

Ants do not like the smell of elderberry leaves, wild mint, sunflower oil, and wormwood. Also, you can spread the paths, on which they crawl with garlic twice a month. You can add to the glass of water about 1/4 teaspoon of boric acid, three teaspoons of sugar and 1-2 tsp. of honey. Such bait can be placed during the month.

There are also popular folkways to deal with ants. For example, you can get rid of it with the help of borax or boric acid. You can prepare dry or liquid bait. To prepare the dry bait, you need an equal amount of borax (you can substitute on boric acid) and sugar, mix everything carefully. Pour the mixture at the locations where ants are found most often. You can mix the yeast with honey and put it where insects appear most often. Such feeding for them is fatal – they will just burst. Call expert Ant control Adelaide.

Good luck in your fight against the ants!

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