How to Remove Roaches in the Kitchen

Before you begin the fight against cockroaches, you have to clean all the cupboards and cabinets in the kitchen properly, wipe dry all.

It is necessary to pack in plastic bags all dry foods, which were stored in drawers and cupboards. You have to do this to ensure that there were no smells. You have also to pack all the soft paper and napkins, available in the kitchen in the same way.

You should also wipe dry a sink and a table. You also need to mend all the cracks and vents, where roaches can come.

In the process of controlling cockroaches be sure that the dirty dishes were always clean, the trash cleaned and, of course, the sink must be dry, and then a positive result is provided to you.

Today, there are many cockroach control products, traps, and cockroach baits. They can be divided into several types: gels, traps, houses, aerosols, chalks, home remedies, services that struggle against cockroaches.

american roaches.jpg


The gel is sold in large syringes, ready to use. The way of application is simple: the gel is applied with drops of 10 centimeters apart along the baseboards around the room. Cockroaches will disappear within 3-7 days.


Traps are small round boxes with many entrances for cockroaches. Inside the box, you put a poison that cockroaches will spread with their relatives. Boxes themselves are easily fastened on flypapers to almost any place in the apartment.


Houses are small cardboard boxes in the form of houses. The cardboard box full sticky inside, but in the center of the box there is a tasty bait. Cockroaches crawl into these houses, like flies to honey, stick – and remain there. Then new cockroaches will come.


The fact that previous cockroaches clung there, do not stop them. Cockroaches creep, as cute. For human and animal houses are completely harmless. The manufacturer has no value – cockroaches are attached to any.


Aerosols sprinkle the possible places where the cockroaches, cracks, door jambs, etc. In general, it is better to change sprays as often as possible in order to avoid habituation.


Special crayons processed cracks, baseboards, etc. You have to do this just once a week. Usually, cockroaches disappear after a month.

Home methods:

Buy boric acid in the drugstore. Boil potatoes and mash. Boil eggs for 6 hours. Connect it all together. Add the oil. Roll out the resulting mixture of tiny beads. The balls spread out all over the apartment. On the third day, cockroaches will disappear. The proportion of ingredients is not particularly important, as long as the balls blind. Do not be sorry boric acid and eggs.

boric acid.jpg

In winter, it is possible to leave all the windows open. Frost greatly reduces numerous cockroaches.

Sometimes cats catch and eat roaches.

Services that struggle against cockroaches, you can call the Cockroach Control Sydney service which struggles with cockroaches. Processing takes place for about an hour. Cockroaches will disappear for about a year.

We wish you a successful struggle against cockroaches!

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