Baiting Ants Using Ant Baits Gel, Granules & Stations

Ants, as you most probably already know, naturally organize themselves into colonies and more than anything, this is the reason why ant control can be nothing short of an appreciable challenge. As a matter of fact, ant control is just not possible unless you help yourself with the basics of the biology of ants. Unless you understand how the creatures live and how they function, you will never be able to get rid of ant infestation in your home. In any ant colony, the percentage of worker ant’s amounts to approximately 10% which means that in a home, the ants you see represent only 10% of the population you are dealing with. Perhaps the best way to control ants in your home is the use of ant bait killers and if you are not convinced of that now, you will be by the end of this article.

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Why Use Ant Baits?

Many people are not aware of this but ants are highly expert creatures which are adapted in every possible way for life as loyal members of colonies. Basically, ants spend their lives foraging, either for food or else water. As such, the creatures are adapted to share information with each other. Any ant that happens to come across an exceptional source of food leaves a scented trail behind it for the other members of the colony to pick up on it. Depending on the types of ant we are talking about, an ant trail can be visible although most of them time, ant trails do tend to be latent.

By definition, ant bait killers are tempting sources of food drenched in a poison of some kind. When ant bait killers are used, ants quickly pick up on the rich source of food thinking of it as a jackpot. As such, not only do the creatures take the poisoned baits back to their colonies, the ants also leave trails behind them directing the other ants of the same colony to the bait they discovered.

Things to Consider When Applying Ant Baits you should know is this. Never use an ant bait killer which is when using ant bait killers for ant control, the first thing too strong. The ant bait killers should not kill the ants before the creatures have the time to get back to their colonies.

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In terms of food, ants forage for both sugars as well as proteins, not essentially both at the same time. For ant bait killers to be most effective, it is generally recommended that you determine whether the ants in your house are after sugars or else proteins. This is easy enough to investigate. Simply leave a sample of each of the food substances in the open and scrutinize the pattern of the ant activity in your home.

Last but not least, when using ant bait killers, resist the temptation of killing ants when you see them. You might also want to avoid cleaning your home for as long as you use the poisoned baits. Basically, when you clean your home, you erase the ant trails around and this is not good for the efficiency of ant bait killers. Get rid of ants from your house by hiring Adelaide Ant Control experts if you noticed a big ant trail in your kitchen or backyard.

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