Natural Flea Repellents for Pets

A flea can be an irritating bloodsucking insect that causes severe skin problems and possibly diseases to both humans and animals. Fleas become more resistant to the anti-flea products that use chemicals and this fact makes the manufacturers use even stronger chemicals. Using these harmful products for flea control in your home is quite risky as there will be some bad reactions that may happen when humans or pets living in your house inhale it continuously. This is why people start looking for some natural flea repellents for pets.

Reason to Look for Natural Flea Repellents for Pets

While you are doing flea controls with chemical products, do you imagine how your pets are suffering? Besides being bitten by the tiny parasites, they have to face the environment with the high and strong chemical amounts for best flea treatment for dogs. In many cases, pet owners tend to poison their pets unintentionally by using those chemical products while the pets themselves still have fleas biting on their skin.

Dog and Cat together wide angle

Realizing this, if you are a good pet owner, you should be looking for some useful natural flea repellents for pets. You should not worry too much about this as you can still fight fleas in a friendlier method without toxic use. Some natural home remedies are available for you to try, such as apple cider vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and diatomaceous earth.

Best Natural Flea Repellents for Pets

One of the most recommended remedies is the apple cider vinegar, which can be used for both humans and animals for treating fleas. Use a 1:1 ratio for making a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Put it in a spray bottle to spray to your pet while they are bathing in baby shampoo. Do not forget to massage your pet’s skin with the mixture you spray. You should do this treatment for 2 weeks every other day. The vinegar can also be added to their drinking water. Just use 3 tablespoons of it to their gallon. It is important to note, though, that vinegar will burn your pets badly if they have open wounds.

Natural Flea Repellent

Using Dawn dish soap should be a nice idea to kill fleas effectively as you bathe the pets you own. Take a washcloth to put the soap on and start cleaning your pet carefully. Start it from the areas near the nose, eyes, ears, mouth, and chin before you continue to the neck area, legs, tail, and the private area. Make sure you do not apply the soap too near to the sensitive area. The rest of the body parts should be cleaned in the last order with a flea comb. The fleas will be hard to escape due to the existing suds barrier, which makes it really great as flea treatment.

The next method can be done if you purchase borax and food grade diatomaceous earth from your local garden store. Take 1 lb of each of them to mix with a cup of salt. For making them work as safe natural flea repellents for pets, (also in case if you live with children) you should put the mixture into your vacuum cleaner bag before you vacuum your house thoroughly. Repeat the process if necessary. Before use these products, consult with Flea Control Brisbane experts.

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