How to Kill Fleas in Your House Some Guidelines

Flea infestations inside the house are a homeowner’s nightmare. These blood-sucking parasites can infest an area so fast and can even spread diseases as they are bacteria causing disease carriers. Fleas efficiently thrive in warm and clammy conditions. Fleas have numerous specifications such as cat fleas, dog fleas, northern rat fleas, oriental rat fleas human fleas. One area in your home is not sufficient enough to be treated, you will need to make sure that the entire area or rather the entire house inside and out needs to be thoroughly cleaned and treated.

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Using Moth Balls

Mothballs can be used in keeping fleas away. It is one of the most effective and popular ways of getting it done. Toss a few mothballs under every the furniture in your house and in lower cabinets including every corner. They can be dropped inside and outside a shed, barn, kennel and any place possible to keep those fleas away. This method should be done consistently if you are determined to have these fleas away. Flower beds can also accommodate a few mothballs as well. Although the smell may not be as nice, it will fade away in a few weeks and the fleas will have reduced.

Make Sure You Vacuum

It is also essential that you vacuum regularly not missing any spot or corner. The bag must be tightly sealed to avoid any fleas from escaping their death, seal it shut and place the bag in the freezer to kill them or kill the fleas with several common flea control options before disposing of them.

Wash Everything                                         

It is also suggested that all linen, bedding, blankets, especially your clothes and such should be washed in soapy water. Fleas, eggs and larvae will immediately be killed in the chemical contents of the soapy suds.

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Getting Rid of Fleas Outside

Our yards are another haven for fleas and so always make it a point to keep your grass trimmed, permitting sunlight to get through and do not gather yard trash into a pile near your home. If you could, gather them away from your home and burn them. Killing fleas while in the yard will reduce them from infesting your home.

As fleas hate the garlic aroma, you can grow a few garlic bushes near your home. It is a natural and popular way for flea control. All you need to do is dig a small hole, toss in a few garlic cloves and cover again with soil and water. A few day’s time, there should be a tiny garlic plant growing and soon be producing garlic. This can repel fleas from coming anywhere near your house. Another would be planting some Rosemary plants. Or you could do both for maximum results.

There are many ways of killing or controlling fleas in your home. It can be done the natural way or the chemically treated way. But in both ways, you have to be consistent in the process. If you are unsure of how to handle chemical treatments, it’s best to seek a Flea Control Adelaide professionals help instead.


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