Several Helpful Options on How to Kill Bed Bugs

If preventative methods didn’t work for you and you still find yourself with a bed bug infestation, you may have quite a job ahead of you. First off, bed bugs have proven to be quite resilient and can even go for weeks without eating. Second off, the use of pesticides like DDT for the extermination of bed bugs is illegal.

How to Discover Bed Bugs

Bed bugs may be hard to find because they are usually shy therefore, the first thing you should take into consideration when looking for a bed bug infestation is that they are most active at night, making it the best time to check your home for bed bugs.

If you feel you may have a bed bug infestation employ the subsequent methods to examine your theory.

–  Inspect your mattress seams. Do this by pulling back the bedspread and sheets and running your fingers along the mattress seems while looking for darks spots.

–  Check along the bed frame and headboard. Pay particular attention to, the side that faces the wall.

–  Inspect dresser drawers and pay particular attention to the side of the dresser that faces the wall.

–  Inspect your bed sheets for signs of small blood stains, evidence that you have been bitten while sleeping.

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How to Kill Bed Bugs

If you find yourself with an infestation there are several options you can look into in order to kill bed bugs.

First and foremost you should remove any sheets, covers, mattresses, furniture, or drawers that have been affected by a bed bug infestation. Once you have done this you can take one of the following actions:

–  Follow an integrated pest management approach otherwise known as an IPM that includes prevention, sanitation, and the use of some chemicals

–  Call the exterminators. Experienced companies know exactly where to look for bed bugs and have a series of legal techniques specifically targeted for killing bed bugs.

–  Kill the eggs with Rubbing Alcohol. Rubbing Alcohol and a brush will actually kill any bed bug eggs on the spot.

–  It is illegal to use insecticides in the extermination of a bed bug infestation. As a result you must discard of any infected items immediately and call a professional Bed Bugs Control Brisbane team.

–  Vacuum the house in order to remove bed bugs and their eggs for mattresses, walls, carpets, and other surfaces. Make certain to pay meticulous awareness to seem.

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The Steam Myth

Contrary to popular belief, intense heat from steam does not necessarily kill bed bugs. Instead, the mattress absorbs moisture from the steam making it a better environment for bed bugs to thrive.

Prevention as a Primary Method

The best method in avoiding bed bug infestations is preventing them from happening in the first place. Before entering the house check any luggage, used clothes, used furniture, or moving boxes for possible bed bug infestations. Be confident to pay close consideration to seams and crevices.

You can also help in preventing future bed bug infestations by spreading the word to friends and family.

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