Some Preventative Steps for Flea Control

It is critical you understand about flea control, it is most important if you have pets or if you live or work in an area where there are animals around, fleas live in the fur of warm-blooded animals and feed off the animals blood, they also transmit disease from one host to another and that host could be you or your family.

The good news is that you can take some preventative steps before you get a flea infestation to reduce the chances of your home getting invaded by these little parasites, treating your pets with special flea control products will reduce the risk of them bringing fleas into your home and using natural herbs around your home can also reduce your risks.

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If you do use one of the anti-flea medications on your cat or dog you are reducing the risk of your pet becoming infected and irritated by fleas, if a flea does bite a pet that has been treated the fleas do not live long enough to reproduce, breaking the life cycle of the flea and preventing the laying of up to 50 eggs a day will cut the chances of an infestation taking hold in your home. If you let just one female adult flea survive she can produce 50 eggs a day that can all grow to become adult fleas and produce another 50 eggs a day each.

Pennyroyal is a natural flea repellent, it discourages fleas from entering your home, and if used properly it can be a cost-effective and natural solution to your flea problem. It will also not harm your pets or children and if applied in the correct manner can be very effective. Pennyroyal unlike some of the commercially available flea treatments will not leave a poisonous residue in your home.

Flea control is great if you currently do not have a flea infestation, it can help you manage the risk of the problem occurring, however, if you do have a flea infestation you need to kill the fleas, there is no other way to stop them biting you, you need to break the reproduction cycle and kill the adult fleas and stop the eggs they have laid from hatching.

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Fleas can jump great distances, and they often hitch rides on animals and people, so the distance they can travel and the fact that they are small makes killing them all of in one go around your home difficult. Using a chemical such as a flea fogger will allow you to clear fleas from an area as the poisonous gas will penetrate to where ever the fleas are. These chemical devices are very potent and you need to prepare the areas to be treated very carefully, always read the instructions and ensure the room is properly sealed and that no animals are left in the area.

Getting rid of fleas and stopping them from re-invading your home takes a commitment and effort, it is not something you can just do once forget about you need to be looking for the warning signs and considering your flea control strategy frequently. You can get rid of flea by getting help from Flea Control Brisbane experts at pest Control Company.


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