Battle Against Ants Using Citrus and Soap

When you find ants on your property you will discover that there are several different methods that can be used to eliminate them. Two of them are citrus, soaps, and detergents on a regular basis.

How Citrus Impacts Ants

The term citrus refers to several types of flowering plants from the Rutaceae family, typically originating in Southeast Asia, most commonly the tropical and subtropical regions. Most citrus fruits have terpenes in their rinds that give them a distinctive odor. While many people are aware of the cookery and medicinal uses of citrus they have yet to hear of its repellent properties. Many different species of ants are repelled by citrus, although it may take some experimenting to determine which type of citrus works best for the ants you have.

Citrus Impacts Ants

Using Citrus as an Ant Repellent

There are many non-toxic alternatives to pesticides that should be used to get rid of ants before you resort to the use of harmful substances. The type of alternatives that you use will depend on part of the type of ant you have in your home.

Ants are intellectual in searching for ways to come into your homes and will look for alternatives if one of their trails is blocked or otherwise unusable. Killing the ants you find in your home won’t guarantee that other ants from the same colony, or even another colony, won’t be back later. This is what makes citrus so effective. When you combine the spraying of citrus with boric acid you will have an almost sure-fire and effective way to control ants from your home.

You can also fight ants using citrus air fresheners. Not only will they make your home smell great, but those citrus air fresheners which contain essential oils will also help to deter ants. You can also find organic pesticides in which the main effective ingredient is citrus.

Ant Control

The peel from many common citrus fruits destroys the waxy coating of the ant’s respiratory system, thus killing them. Of course, you will want to clean up food items in your kitchen and other parts of your home in order to make your home less attractive to ants in the first place.

Removing Ants with Soap

How Soaps Work

You can use just about any type of soap or detergent to remove ants. This is one of the most inexpensive, yet effective, and control methods around. There are those, however, who question its effectiveness. You implement this method by placing soapy water along all the trails ants are suspected of traveling. It is thought that the soap will remove the scent of leftover food and destroy the ant’s sense of smell. You can use soap to remedy and prevent any problems.

You can use a variety of liquid soaps for ant prevention. There are other soaps that work best for eliminating the colonies ants that have already invaded. Window cleaner is one such type of soap. It will instantly kill ants but is harmless for kids and pets to be around once it is poured. You can also effectively eliminate ants with the use of floor cleaner. You will need to regularly change the brand of soap that you use so the ants do not build up a resistance towards it.

Ants in the Kitchen

How to Use Soap

Finding the right soap is the first step in creating your own pesticide. Some of the best soaps to use include detergents, window cleaner and dish washing soap. You will need to mix approximately a teaspoon of soap with water and place your mixture in a spray bottle. You then need to determine the best locations on which to spray your mixture. Look for cracks and crevices on your home as well as common ant tracks.

Pros and Cons of Using Soap

You can find all the ingredients you need for this ant control method in just about any home. It is a less brutal way to deter ants than many of the toxic chemicals out there, making it more palatable to many. Soaps are not good, however, at long term ant removal. Many homeowners soon tire of making up new batches of soap solution and spraying for ants. Soap will work indoors or outdoors for removing ants. One of the advantages of using it indoors is a cleaner home! For never-ending the invasion of ants at your place, you can get help from professional Brisbane Ant Control companies.

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