How to Control, Kill, and Get Rid of Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are annoying pests that have begun infesting crops, gardens, and even homes. There are several methods to stink bug control, but first understanding what causes them to infest yards and homes will help make the stink bug control efforts much more effective.

How and Why Does A Stink Bug Infestation Occur?

stink bug

Stink bugs are an agricultural pest. These shield-shaped insects feed on a wide range of fruits and vegetables and the female bugs lay their eggs on the underside of plants. Gardens and overgrown yards are a literal breeding ground for the stink bugs. The bugs are also attracted to the safety that weeds and other plants offer against other natural predators.

Another reason for an infestation to occur is that stink bugs, like moths and mosquitoes, are attracted to bright lights. If there are lights from windows or decorative lamps, it will attract them. Stink bugs will also cling and crawl around the South and West side of the house because of the way heat is reflected off of the house especially in the summer and fall months.

As cold weather approaches stink bugs will seek out a warm place to spend and wait out the winter. This is the time when they will most likely start to infest a house. Fortunately, there are preventive measures that can be taken to help stop stink bugs from getting inside.

Methods to Treat, Prevent and Control a Stink Bug Infestation

Stink Bug Infestation

Professionals say that the top stink bug control is prevention. Individuals worried about the signs of stink bug infestation can begin by keeping the backyard clean of any needless plants. Wild plants and thick bushes should be taken care so stink bugs will not have any place to lay eggs or feed.

To stop a stink bug attack, all cracks, holes, and gaps around the home should be strongly sealed with caulk. The stink bugs are also recognized for using the air conditioner and attic to get inside the home. During fall, before they transfer within the house, it is best to treat the external and upper floor of the residence with multi-purpose insecticide.

Two popular pest control options: The horticultural oil is a mixture of natural and synthetic oils, then mix it with a little bit of water and spray on the affected plants. Permethrin is a pest repellent that paralyzes the nervous system of many insects and kills all stages of the insect’s growth.

Organic stink bug control is another option for that concern about using chemicals. For pest control inside the house, try using a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum can easily and quickly suck up a large number of stink bugs. Make certain that immediately after vacuuming; dispose of the vacuum bag in a sealed plastic bag to somewhere far away from your home or at a landfill.

stink bugs

Another method to get rid of stink bugs in the house is to pick up the stink bugs early in the morning hours when they are at their slowest. Placing the captured bugs into stink bug traps filled with soapy water will dispatch them without any smell.

Soapy water can be used outdoors as well. Fill a steep-sided container partly with detergent water. Place the container underneath an infested plant. Then, gently tap the plant or brush the bugs off into the soapy water with a stick. Coating the inside of the can with a sticky solution also works to prevent the bugs from escaping. Place on the lid and discard the container far away from the house. This is a temporary solution and will have to be repeated frequently.

Alternatively, remove weeds and foliage near the home as this is where stink bugs host. Kaolin clay can also be used to control and prevent stink bugs. The clay can be ready into a spray solution and sprayed on the neighboring plants. Once clay applied onto plants, it will avoid the bugs from the intake or laying eggs on the plants. The clay is not dangerous to the plants and can be simply washed off any vegetables or fruits.

As with any infestation, if do-it-yourself stink bug control seems like a difficult task or you can’t handle the pests, seek out the services of local Pest Control Brisbane professionals who will be able to help better control and get rid of the stinky pests in a quick and effective manner.

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