How to Spot, Control & Prevent Fleas on your Puppy

It is dreadful seeing your puppy being affected by fleas. They will be trying to calm their constant pain by biting, scratching and licking. The eggs that these fleas lay can be spread around your house, these eggs can lay inactive for up to 100 days, which means even once you have cleared your puppies to outbreak there is a huge probability that they will be overrun again in the future. The first stage of this article teaches you how to spot the signs that your dog has fleas.

Dog Flea

If you notice that your puppy is experiencing discomfort for example constantly biting or scratching themselves then it could indicate that there is a flea infestation present. You can double-check that fleas are the cause by running a fine metal comb through the coat of the puppy. You will most probably hit upon fleas on it. If you still cannot find anything then it could mean that the fleas have been groomed out by the dog. There is one final check that you can do. Sit your dog on a piece of paper and rub them hard. Flea feces will drop onto the paper. These will be black in color. It is worth noting that flea excrement is made up of dry blood that the flea has eaten from the host. Therefore to make certain that it is feces transfer a little to a wet cotton wool bud and stay. If the feces turn red then your puppy has fleas and further treatment will need to be carried out.

The first thing you will need to do is give your pet a good clean. Make certain that you use warm & soapy water. This will kill all fleas that are currently present on the puppy’s body. There are numerous flea shampoos on the market that you can use but they are compulsory during this initial stage of cleaning.

flea infestation

Once they have bathed it is important you don’t let them go straight back to their basket. You will need to grab all bedding, toys and furniture coverings that your puppy has come into contact with and rinse those in the same way. If you cannot clean the contact areas easily, for example, a sofa or the carpets then there are ‘powdered’ products on the market intended to dehydrate the fleas. After that, it is a case of simply vacuuming up the dead fleas.

In order to control flea infestation, you will need some kind of flea treatment for the dog. Don’t use flea control products on newborn puppies, your puppy must be over 3 months before flea medicines are used. It may also be worth investing in a flea collar for your puppy.

In order to keep your residence free flea, you will need to keep it tidy. Make sure you vacuum on a habitual basis as well as keep your puppies bedding clean. Just follow the ideas given above and you should be fine.

Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

If you really feel as though you cannot overcome the invasion then it may be worth hiring Flea Control Brisbane pest control services but this should really be a last resort as it is expensive and fleas are easy to get rid of by yourself.

Cleaning is the only real way in which you can prevent flea on your dog. At some point, they will have to come into contact with the outside world which will almost definitely cause fleas on them again. As long as they have the flea treatment is, carried out they ought to, be fine, but always be on the lookout for warning signs that your pet may have become infected again.

Fleas are a natural part of a dog’s life. At one point or another, every single dog will catch them. If you track the tips above however you will seriously be going a long way towards keeping your dog ‘infected’ for a short time period as possible.

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