Dog Fleas and Dog Flea Treatments

Dog Fleas can be extremely difficult to deal with and can have very dangerous effects on your dog’s health, both short term and long term. Dog fleas spread many deadly diseases, such as heart worms, tapeworms, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and numerous others, are expected to infect millions of our loving pets this year.  And sadly, many of our loving little friends will face death due to these terrible parasites.

Diseases like West Nile have also befallen a threat to both animals and humans in modern times. Unfortunately, fleas are quite common and at times can be very simple for your dog to pick up. The great thing is that there are some effective dog flea treatments and tips to get rid of dog fleas and keep them away for good. Before we get into the treatments, we need to be aware of what to look for and the negative side effects when it comes to dog fleas.

How to Notify If You’re Dog Has Fleas

Getting Rid of Fleas on Dogs

Dog fleas will present themselves in many ways, some similar and some not some similar. Before you determine that your dog does in fact have fleas there are a few things you need to keep an eye out for.

Is your dog experiencing severe itching? – Severe itching is usually a sign that the fleas are stinging. One way to spot this is if your dog is excessively biting at their fur.

-Are you noticing any strange skin irritation?

-Does your dog have any small infection?

-Is your dog experiencing discomfort?

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, dog fleas may be the problem. To be sure, thoroughly check your dog look for skin irritation, small bite marks usually red and round, flea feces and of course fleas. If you have confirmed that your dog does in fact have fleas there are a few popular dog flea treatments that very effective both short term and long term. We have also put together a list of flea pictures to help you confirm what you are looking for.

Dog Fleas

Dog Flea Treatments

The best way to prevent dog fleas is to prepare for them earlier stopping the problem before it begins is the best way to keep your best friend safe, healthy, and happy. Though there are many effective and proven methods of getting rid of dog fleas, some are more effective than others. Flea baths are effectual whether your friend has fleas or doesn’t have fleas. After a flea bath, your dog should be expected to be flea free for months!

A dog flea treatment is often the most effective at keeping your dog clean of fleas. These treatments come in drop spray and pill form and are effective for months on end. Not only are these treatments effective at getting rid of fleas, but they also work incredibly well at getting rid of flea eggs which can be an even larger problem than fleas themselves!

flea infestation

In order to get rid of fleas and prevent them, you should always carefully monitor and pay attention to areas that your dog often spends time whether it is inside the carpet, couch, and bed or outside (grass, dirt, and sand). Keeping an eye on these areas and keeping them clean can radically reduce the odds that your dog will catch fleas.

If you notice that fleas are a recurring problem, it may be best to use a strong dog flea treatment in order to fully eliminate these pests if the fleas are recurring the problem is usually larger than you might realize.

Remember, Dog Fleas are a serious problem that can escalate if not handled properly. The best way to get rid of dog fleas is to assess the problem before it begins you can hire a professional Flea Control Brisbane to handle the problem.

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