Carpets are a great investment to increase your home’s interior and they also provide you with floor protection. Beautiful carpets increase your floor and home’s beauty. If these carpets get dirty, then cleaning them is a very irritating and time-consuming task. But, if you maintain your carpets on a regular basis, then the cleaning process is not very tough for you. So today in this blog, OZ Clean Team give you the top 06 tips to maintain your carpet on a regular basis.

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Before getting the tips of the carpet maintenance, it is important to know what’ll happen if you do not maintain your carpet on a regular basis. In this daily hectic life schedule, it is not possible to keep your carpet maintain daily. There are several things which will happen if you do not maintain your carpet on a regular basis:

  • Your carpet gets dirtier quickly if you don’t maintain it on a regular basis.
  • Dirty carpets can cause various diseases like skin allergy, and minor difficulty in breathing.
  • Carpets can get mould occurrence and heavy mould can cause heavy respiratory problems, sinus congestion and even asthma. 
  • Dusty carpets can lead to the growth of tiny dust mites which cause skin rashes
  • Dirty and dusty carpets can be a prime vector of carpet odour.
  • Nasty carpets can degrade your home’s decor and interior. It degrades the home’s beauty and makes your home dull.

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As you see above, what are the consequences of not maintaining your carpets on a regular basis, here are the best 06 tips from which you can maintain your carpet on a regular basis. These tips will surely help you to maintain your carpet on a regular basis:

  • REGULAR ROTATION: Experts say that you should keep rotating your carpets on the interval of every one or two years, but it is better to keep them rotating on a monthly basis. Especially when they are placed in a heavy foot traffic area. Rotating makes them stable and long last.
  • DON’T EXPOSE TO DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Exposing your carpet to direct sunlight is not a good thing as it fades the colour of your carpet. Try to keep your carpet away from the direct sunlight. If it is not possible, then rotate your carpet to make it safe from the uniform fading.
  • REGULAR VACUUMING: Regular Vacuuming is the best and most recommended tip to maintain your carpet on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming makes your carpet dust and tiny pest free. It also increases the lifespan of your carpet. 
  • SPOT CLEANING AND STAIN PROTECTOR: Carpets can easily develop spots when you don’t take proper care. Regular spot cleaning is a good way to maintain your carpets on a regular basis. If spot treatment is not possible on a regular basis, you can apply a carpet stain protector. It makes your carpet stain free if the cleaning is not possible on a regular basis.
  • PATHWAY CHANGING: Changing the pathway of carpet which faces heavy foot traffic on a regular basis is a good option to increase its life. This will save your carpet from getting quick and permanent damage.
  • PROFESSIONAL CLEANING: Professional washing is the best and most preferred tip to maintain your carpet. Professionals have all the knowledge to its cleaning and they’ll guide you better regarding its maintenance. They clean your carpets very effectively and their cleaning stays long.

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No matter how much you take care of your beautiful carpets, when they get dirty, cleaning them is a very tough, time consuming and irritating process. To save yourself from this, you can hire carpet cleaning professionals. OZ Clean Team – Carpet Cleaning Brisbane gives you the best and professional carpet cleaning service at the lowest price. We have well trained and certified professionals who have years of experience in this field. We are providing our services from many years. Our service is the leading in Carpet Cleaning Woolloongabba call us now on 1800 260 601 to avail the service and get the latest discounts and schemes.    

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