Removal of Jam Stains on Carpets

As we have seen, children often put some stains on the carpet while saying food, which is very difficult to remove after drying. For example, if the stains of the jam are put on the carpet, and if they are dry, they leave their marks even after cleaning. So let us now try to find out the methods of carpet cleaning by experts, which can clean the carpet from stubborn stains like jam. Now, what are the means with which we can maintain the cleanliness of the carpet so that the beauty of our house also remains?

Carpet Cleaning Adelaide
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Which Items to Use?

We use a butter knife, paper towel, detergent, spray bottle, etc. to remove the stains of the jam on the carpet. With the use of these things, we can clean our carpet with domestic results.

The Process to Remove the Jam Stubborn Stains By Yourself;

  1. To remove the Jam stains, start with, cleaning it with a Butter Knife but clean it so that it does not spread further.
  2. After that, to remove the color of the jam on the carpet, wash it with vinegar on a dry cloth and clean it carefully.
  3. When the paint is clean, then wash the carpet with detergent so that the remaining stains are also cleaned.
  4. Sometimes marks of stain are left, then we mix the detergent in the spray bottle with light warm water and spray it on the stained area. Then it is also necessary to dry it with a clean cloth.
  5. There are some carpets whose stains reach the fibers quickly, so we can take the help of vacuum cleaner to remove such stains. Because with the help of that we can clean our carpet fibers properly.

After all these things, in the end, we clean the carpet thoroughly with cold water, then dry it. By doing this, your carpet will not be stained and will not get any kind of smell. In this way, we can do a perfect carpet cleaning from home and save our carpet from any kind of damage.

Things Which Can Go Wrong As You Do Carpet Stain Removal For Jams;

Since Jam Stains on carpet are water soluble stains, hence one should be definite on two things; 

  1. As you do carpet stain removal for Jam stains, ensure that carpets are not soaked in water for a longer duration of time. Doing this can harm your carpet as it takes time to dry clean the carpets. Adding to it, the process of dry cleaning the stains off from carpet needs advanced technology.
  2. Don’t try tricks which you are not very sure off  as it can damage carpets entirely.
Carpet Cleaning Adelaide

Get in Touch With Us For Carpet Cleaning Essential

This is how we read about a better cleaning of our carpet. Only those methods are used in the Oz Clean Team – Carpet Cleaning Adelaide so that newness can be maintained even after washing your carpet. We have introduced the Vagi Stine Remover to be used in cleaning your carpet so that you are satisfied with your carpet cleaning.

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