How to Fight with the Bite of Mosquito and why do they bite?

There is nothing worse than the destruction of your outdoor party, which you have planned after a long time. I went to my friend’s birthday party, which we have planned to spend on the beachside. I went there, and we were almost 8-9 people. Suddenly, my friend’s sister got a sensation of a stinging bite and felt itchiness. After the incident, everything goes well. But the next day, I heard that she gets a fever of 101°F or slightly higher. The doctor told us about the bite of the mosquito, which has caused this. For a few times, we got scared, but she got fine afterward.

Due to this incident, I searched about mosquitoes a lot and wondered about sharing my information with you.

A short Biology of Mosquito

The first thing I got to know is that it is those female mosquitoes that bite you. These mosquitoes breed on humans for their food. They get attracted to carbon dioxide so they can sense the human presence from a distance only. Mosquitoes being the poor fliers, rely on the wind to reach its destination from one place to another. They always rest after and before the feed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs directly on or near water, plants, or soil so that the eggs get filled with water. 

Mosquitoes have four stages of their life cycle that includes egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Their entire lifecycle from their birth to adult takes approximately 8-10 days. The first three stages occur in water, but adults, as you see, are flying insects. 

What are the different ways through which you can know about the mosquito bite

1.) a fever of 101°F (38.3°C) or higher.

2.) rash.

3.) conjunctivitis or eye redness.

4.) pain in your muscles and joints.

5.) feeling exhausted.

6.) persistent headache.

7.) difficulty breathing because of anaphylaxis.

How Can You Prevent the Mosquito?

There are various home remedies through which you can prevent the mosquito from biting you:

  •  Fit fly screens on windows. If this is already done, check for any holes in it.
  • Envelop your water containers with well-fitted covers.
  • Do not leave standing water at anyplace. Keep birdbaths, tires, pet bowls, flowerpot dishes, watering cans free of water so that mosquito does not occur there. 
  • At night or dark, keep windows closed or try to block the light as much as possible. 
  • You can also try various natural home remedies such as citronella, peppermint oil, witch hazel, garlic, lavender, and eucalyptus oil to keep mosquitoes away.

You Must Take the Advice of Experts

Contact Professional pest controllers and take their advice about what service you should take or what method you should opt to get rid of mosquitoes. Professional Mosquito controllers have complete knowledge about the life cycle of mosquitoes and can provide them with the desired control service and can prevent you from mosquito infestation. Mosquitoes are not a problem at a single place, but they can be found anywhere. So you must get a professional pest control service at your premises. 

Contact Marks Pest Control for your desired mosquito control service. They are in this industry for a long time and have all the tools and techniques to remove all kinds of mosquitoes. Chat with the professional Marks pest control team and have their service to remove every mosquito from your home or office. 

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