Effective Ways to Keep Possums Away from Your Home

Possums is a tree-living marsupial species native to Australia. Possums live in the jungle but due to human activity they live at home also.

Due to their ability they can live in any weather. They have maximum ability to see so that’s why they are active at night. They are white and grey in colour and they are 40 inches like a house cat.

Possum Love some things:-

Eucalyptus leaves :-

It is one of the most loved nourishments that possums love to eat. From your nursery, they love to eat gardenias, fuchsias roses, and enthusiasm organic product.

Night time :-

Mostly They are take rest in the morning time, They are able to see in the darkness, so that’s why they are active in nigh

Possum Nest Box:-

According to nature they want to live in a nest box. A possum nest box should be like a large bird box and hole near the top.

The  Some Things Possums Do Not Like:-

Smelly plants –

Possums are do not like Smelly plants or Smelly leaves. they did not like Geranium does not like mint bushes and daisies.

Day light:-

Possums are arrived in night for food because their see ability are high in darkness. so they are did not like sunlight, spotlight, and party lights.

If the Possums are enter in you home and you want to get rid from Possums, you can follow the Ways to Keep Possums Away from Your Home

  • If you find the Possums in your home block all the open entry points so they again do not enter again in your home.
  • Possums mark their living with the uncommon sort of scent that they discharge from their organ. So in the event that you notice any such condition, at that point sterilize and purify that place with the goal that no scent is left.
  • After dinner do not leave pet food or trash outdoors, This is always an invitation to possums for dinner in your home.
  • When possum removal are very important there are a few methods to consider. Trapping is a popular method.
  • If You find the possums in your home contact with a licensed pest control professional to make an possum treatment plan.

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