How To Deal With Termites or White Ants

White ants (Termites) are one of the things which can strike fear in any landowner since the damage they can cause is terrific. White Ants have existed for millions of years and are also social insects. Within their colony, there are multiple castes such as queen, king, nursery, soldiers, and workers.

Termites circulate around approximately 100 meters in search of food and they normally live in a central colony. The worker termites are the ones that cause damage to buildings since they digest the cellulose materials before returning to the nest to feed the colony. This damage can happen in as short as a few months and many residents of Brisbane will attest. That is why a termite inspection for buildings is recommended at least once a year.

Where to start White Ant Control:

White ant control is not that difficult when you employ Termite Control Brisbane professional help.  White ants are blind and can’t smell and this makes them so unpredictable and destructive. They eat through any foodstuff or timber they come across and this is the cause why they cause so much damage.

The queen termite can lay up to 1000 eggs a day. Being confined to her royal chamber, she is tended and fed by the workers and regularly fertilized by the king. From the royal chamber, the termite eggs are removed and transferred to a nursery by the workers where the eggs and nymphs develop into the other castes which the colony requires for development and survival such as workers, soldiers, and primary or secondary re-productive.

The soldiers and workers are blind and sterile white ants. The workers work within the colony and are also the ones that gather the food that the colony needs. The soldiers have uniquely armored and equipped heads to make them suitable for defending the colony against attack, mostly from ants. White ants tend to “gouge” the affected timber and mostly like the areas around nails that are used in construction. Once you first find white ants, you will most likely see a major soldier and a minor soldier.

White ants are highly destructive to domestic and commercial buildings throughout the Brisbane. They are famous for eating up most of the wall and roof frame structural timbers of a house within months of construction. Large white ant nests in urban environments are often totally below the ground level and contain more than a million worker white ants that secretly eat up the inside of your timber.

White ants have acute survival instincts hence if they are severely disturbed they will abandon the area they are in and move on to other areas of the house where you cannot see them. Some of the white ant species don’t attack dry seasoned timbers, while others are highly destructive to building timbers in a very short time.

If you find white ants in or around your home, it is important that you do NOT disturb them and without delay call a professional inspector for inspection. It is very important for the white ant control to identify the species of the white-ant found in a building or home before applying the necessary measures.

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