Six Major Common House Moving Myths Disproved

Packing and Moving for some people is like “they have got their work cut out for them.” Well, some people are confident in the beginning about making a DIY move but later realize how burdensome and laborious moving is.  Despite the increased chances of risks and cons involved in making a DIY move, they refuse to hire professionals due to some common perceptions. 

Let’s go into a more in-depth illustration of this blog to debunk the common myths prevailing for moving houses or offices.

  • You Only Need A Truck To Make A DIY Move 

You may find it easy initially to move and pack on your own. At the same time, there is a common perception among people that work winds up quicker when you do it than several people involved in doing it. Therefore, people decide to hire a truck or van and make a move on their own, but this is not possible in the case of moving. Can you give a guarantee that you can pack everything and load and unload it safely from the truck? Moving is a sensitive process and can prove to be daunting unless and until you have a crew of professionals to help you plan, pack, load, deliver and unload your valuable belongings.

  • Big Packing Boxes And Cartons Are Not Pre-Required

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by people considering they do not require high-quality materials in advance to pack their delicate goods.  It is essential to start sorting items that are breakable, sensitive and assembling packing supplies prior without assuming it as the last moment task. In case you can’t arrange cartons, professional removalists can provide you with it and, starting from choosing the packing boxes to labelling them accurately, make your process perfect to ensure your packing remains damage-free to survive the bumps on the roads.

  • Hiring Professional Removalists Is More Expensive Than A DIY Move

This is one of the major delusions people have about moving: if they hire professionals, they have to pay a huge sum for moving their possessions. There are many affordable furniture, piano and pool, house and office removalists available in the market. The obligation-free budget offered by removal companies includes all the services – packing, loading, delivering and unloading your goods. While if you don’t hire experts, you have to purchase high-quality packing materials to pack your goods securely, then you will need a man to load it and a van or truck to deliver it, and you will end up with the same budget offered by removalists. So why not the professionals take this headache and help you with a stress-free move at cheap prices. 

  • Running Short of Professionals During Holidays

If you are abstaining from hiring a professional crew due to the assumption that they won’t serve you during holidays, you are sorely mistaken. Flexible removalists like Adam Removalists are available to help you on all days including weekends and holidays. They understand the need of an hour and value your concern. Professional removalists work on all days from organizing packing supplies to loading items on the truck, they offer you comfort and contentment.

Close up of hand packing cardboard box, concept moving house. Young couple moving to a new apartment together. Relocation concept
  • Labeling The Boxes Isn’t Significant

Evaluating the fact that labelling the boxes consumes some time, you might miss it and assume that is inessential. By not labelling the boxes, you may end up creating a mess and mismanage at the time of unpacking and assembling your new house. Labelling has two important aspects- at the time of unpacking, you can easily distinguish which item is kept in which box. Also, some people label their name, address and phone number on the boxes in case the movers deliver the wrong address. You can easily get your possessions back as your details are already mentioned on it.

  • All Moving Companies Offer Insurance Coverage

It is the most common misconception people have nowadays that all the moving companies offer indemnity coverage. Many new firms in the market do not take responsibility for your lost or damaged possessions during the moving journey. Therefore, you must always ask in writing about the insurance policy of a moving company, charges and the percentage of goods insured under it before hiring any removal company to make a secure and safe move because roles and responsibilities of packers and movers in moving home is immense.

If you are planning a quick and stress-free relocation shortly, Adam Removalists Adelaide  would best fulfil your expectations. So, bust out all your myths and enjoy a hassle-free and smooth move with an expert, flexible and trained crew of Adam Removalists at an affordable price.


Moving Heavy Furniture Without Breaking The Bank

Moving heavy furnishings without breaking the bank is possible and if your budget is tight moving a wardrobe or even moving a bedroom is possible. 

All it takes is time, planning, and the right people to help you move your heavy furniture safely. 

Whether you are moving a bedroom or a wardrobe there are companies out there that will assist you with any of your moving needs. They have professional movers that can come to your home to move your heavy furnishings or even move them for you making the entire moving process much easier. 

Keep reading the significant aspects associated with moving heavy furniture without making you bankrupt!

Start Saving 

Start saving for your house move as soon as possible. There are many companies out there that can help you out with the whole process. It’s not as bad as you think and there are many ways to pay them off. 

There are many companies that specialize in moving companies and that offer various kinds of services. You will find companies that can help you pack up your home, load it up, transport it, unload it and re-store it. They are able to do all this because of the expertise that they have in the field and because these companies have access to different kinds of resources and money to provide their clients with everything that they need.

It pays to research as much as you can and look into these companies before hiring them. Take your time and make sure that you know exactly what you are getting into and don’t ever be scared to ask questions.

Look-out for the Reimbursements

You should get reimbursed as soon as possible for the service of packing your personal property. The companies providing packing services give advance notice for their clients to take advantage of this opportunity. If you delay it, you will have to pay all the bills without any chance of getting reimbursed.

When you want to hire a company to help you move, you can choose among three options: arrange for professional packing services, hire from a supplier, and deliver the packing materials yourself or get a local moving company to do all the work. The latter option has less cost but it is a time-consuming process. All the companies have their own operating procedures and terms and conditions. 

If you hire a professional company, they will take lots of time to do all this work. This reduces the amount of time you spend contacting movers and they get paid more quickly. The other option is to pack the stuff yourself or with the help of suppliers. Whatever you do, you need to know that moving is a tedious task.

So the best way to see what you can get reimbursed as soon as you plan to move is to check these things out first.

Evaluate Costs

Some move in moving companies have been offering these kinds of services for a long time now. 

  • A moving company that has been around for several years will obviously have a lot of experience in providing such kind of service.
  • Next, when moving to your new house, you should evaluate the type of equipment they have available for moving furniture. 
  • Some furniture requires special kinds of moving devices that might break. This means that you might have to get the help of at least two people for the entire move. Make sure the company has at least 2 people, who have 2 types of equipment for moving heavy furniture.
  • There are local movers that offer their services on a flat rate, or you can also get a package deal. The flat rate might not be the best idea, especially if you have a large number of boxes to move. Do your homework before choosing your local movers to help with your move.
  • The last thing that you should keep in mind is the local movers’ rates, since these are going to play a very important factor in your total expenses for moving heavy furniture. 

Minimize Costs for Packing Boxes

When it comes to minimising costs for packing boxes specially for heavy furniture, there are a few steps that you can take to help you. 

  • First of all, you should always choose to go for quality over price when it comes to your packaging material. If you are willing to spend a bit more on the boxes that you are going to use to move your furniture, then that is nothing to worry about. These materials will certainly last you much longer than the cheap polythene that you often find in the cheaper furniture stores and supermarket sorters.
  • When packing heavy furniture you should always make sure that it is packed very firmly. This can be done using packaging tape which can be used on all corners and inside the box. You should also consider taking out additional insurance for your belongings, particularly if they are particularly valuable.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that you have maximised the space and time that you spend relocating your furniture and getting it to its new home.

Be less stressed. 

Contact removalists are professionals who assist people in removing unwanted or unused furniture from the property. They provide a safe and secure environment where you can leave your furniture. Most people prefer hiring removalists as they do all the work from the first step to the last one. This gives an individual time to move his/her furniture in a stress free manner.

  • People prefer contact removals companies as they provide a moving quote on the same day. The estimate is normally for two days, which gives an individual ample time to prepare and pack the items. The people offering this service are experienced and know all the places where certain items cannot be shifted.
  • There are people who choose removalists because they know that the company would be responsible for the safety and security of their things. These companies are reliable and trustworthy and they ensure that the moving process goes smoothly.
  • Contact removalists to help you Guide for Moving Heavy Furniture from your home and give you a stress free move. You will be given assistance by these professionals and you will have the peace of mind that your things are secure.

Steps of moving heavy furniture. 

Removalists are professionals who know the steps of relocating furniture. Find a reliable removal who can do the job properly for you. By finding a professional, you can save time, effort, and money since a removalist knows the steps.

  • Make sure that your furniture is in good condition before the removalist starts to move it. Take pictures of your furniture before the professional starts the process. Make sure that it is not cracked, broken, bent, or damaged in any way. You should also make it a point to inspect it for damages.
  • Removalists know the tricks of the trade when it comes to moving furniture. They also have equipment that makes the process easy and quick. All you need to do is give them a brief description about the reason behind moving your furniture. Hiring a professional removalist is the best option that you have.

Less chances of injury.

Most people that have had to move large items before are familiar with this type of experience and have had their fingers injured at some point.

  • The first major benefit of using movers to help move heavy furniture is that you are less likely to get an injury. This is especially true if you have heavy items that need to be moved around. 
  • The second major benefit of hiring movers is that they will be faster than trying to do it yourself. Even if you have a lot of experience lifting large objects, moving them is oftentimes very difficult. By allowing the professionals to move the furniture, you will be able to rest easy.
  • Professional movers have experience and are experienced at lifting large objects. This means they are less likely to injure themselves when moving heavy furniture. This is especially important if you have fragile items, such as chandeliers or large picture frames which can be easily injured if they are dropped. 

Moving Pianos

While moving house can be a stressful and challenging time, it doesn’t have to be devastating financially. There are a few things you can do while in your home to save money while moving. One of these options is moving pianos. The desire to move, or even stay put, is still present in most people!

  • With just a small amount of investment, you can easily find a local moving company that offers moving pianos, or moving sets. This way, all that you have to do is load up your belongings, and drive the piano down. 
  • They will then disassemble it for you, and if you need to, they will reassemble it again for you (for a small fee). 
  • Then, they will reassemble it once more and send it all back to you, for a small fee again. What is great about this option is that you get to save money because you are not spending it on two different moving tasks. 
  • Not only that, but because you are buying brand new equipment, you will be getting something that is in very good condition, for a discounted price.

Moving Pool Tables

If you are thinking of relocating to another country, it is important that you know about moving pool tables. There are many advantages to moving your pool table but there are also some downsides to doing so.

  • One of the main pros to moving pool tables is that it is much cheaper to transport them than it is to store them in your house or on a rack at the local game store. Not only is it cheaper to move, but you will save money on the rack too since game stores often charge you for the space it takes up. 
  • Most cities do not allow you to keep any old pool tables at home. It is important that you learn how to set them up at your new location. The key to learning how to setting up your table is finding someone who knows how to do it. It may take some time to find someone who does know how to do it and is willing to help you out.
  • One of the main cons is that pool tables cannot be brought across state lines. Another con is that you need to have someone around to help you put the pieces back together. It may take some time to set everything up at your new location, but you will have fun. 

Before you decide that moving pool tables are too much of a hassle to handle, check around your area to see if anyone has any recommendations for you.

Contact us for a safe and secured removal

“You need to contact our professional Removal Company in Melbourne if you are planning to relocate to Australia.” 

This statement seems like a common one, but it’s one you should really consider before you make any final decision. Not having an idea of the kind of assistance you can expect when moving abroad is a very common mistake. Many overseas people face a myriad of issues in trying to deal with their relocation to Australia. Luckily, our team of experts at Removal Company who can assist you with everything you need to know.

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7kW Solar Systems: Prices, Output, and Return on Investment 

Solar panels are now installed in almost all countries. If we talk about Australia, more than 2 million houses have now installed solar panels in order to get rid of increased energy prices. The ideal size of a solar system is based on the demand for electricity for your homes and offices. However, for homes, usually, a 5kW solar system works efficiently while a 7kW is not affordable for most people. Let’s take a look at the Prices, Output, and Return on Investment for 6.6kW and 7kW solar systems.

Space and Solar Panels Required for a 7kW Solar System

Since a 5kW solar system requires 16-20 panels in order to generate 20-25kWh of electricity, a 7kW solar system is bigger as compared to a 5kW solar system and needs almost 26-30 panels and the area required for this number of panels will be 40-50 m2 or a bit more depending on the location as well as the orientation of panels.

Price for a 7kW Solar System 

Taking into account the fact that a bigger-sized solar system generates more power than a small-sized solar system, its cost will also be more. The average price for a 7kW solar system in Australia is almost $1.1/watt. The table below gives an idea about the prices of 7kW solar systems in different cities of Australia till the end of 2019. The prices were increased later due to the crisis caused by the pandemic last year.

7kW Solar Price

The output of a 7kW Solar System

The yield of an any-sized solar system depends upon a number of factors. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • The location where panels are installed
  • Orientation of the panels along with tilt angle
  • Amount of sunlight received by the panels per day
  • Operating Temperature 

The following table gives an idea about the electricity generation each day (on average) in capital cities of Australia: 

                                             7kW Solar System

CitiesEnergy Production on Daily Basis(kWh)
                    Brisbane                            27-30
                    Darwin                              32
                    Hobart                           21-24
                    Melbourne                           22-26
                    Adelaide                           26-30
                    Sydney                           24-27
                    Perth                          28-32
                    Canberra                          26-29

Return on Investment from a 7kW Solar System

Self-consumption is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account before thinking about payback. This means the electricity used by your home will decide how much amount you’re going to get in return. For example, if your system generates electricity, there is no need for you to import it from the grid. Rather, if the system is producing more electricity than what is required for household usage, you may export that to the grid. In this way, you will not only be able to save money but you can earn more money as well in return. Since a 7kW solar system is of a bigger size, you can earn more with it if you let it work effectively.

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If you would like to discuss any of the points above or you are just wanting to engage with a genuine, customer-focused solar company that will deliver a Solar Panel Installation at a fair and reasonable price, give our friendly team a call on 1300 197 237 or contact us here and one of our solar experts will be in touch.