Six Major Common House Moving Myths Disproved

Packing and Moving for some people is like “they have got their work cut out for them.” Well, some people are confident in the beginning about making a DIY move but later realize how burdensome and laborious moving is.  Despite the increased chances of risks and cons involved in making a DIY move, they refuse to hire professionals due to some common perceptions. 

Let’s go into a more in-depth illustration of this blog to debunk the common myths prevailing for moving houses or offices.

  • You Only Need A Truck To Make A DIY Move 

You may find it easy initially to move and pack on your own. At the same time, there is a common perception among people that work winds up quicker when you do it than several people involved in doing it. Therefore, people decide to hire a truck or van and make a move on their own, but this is not possible in the case of moving. Can you give a guarantee that you can pack everything and load and unload it safely from the truck? Moving is a sensitive process and can prove to be daunting unless and until you have a crew of professionals to help you plan, pack, load, deliver and unload your valuable belongings.

  • Big Packing Boxes And Cartons Are Not Pre-Required

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by people considering they do not require high-quality materials in advance to pack their delicate goods.  It is essential to start sorting items that are breakable, sensitive and assembling packing supplies prior without assuming it as the last moment task. In case you can’t arrange cartons, professional removalists can provide you with it and, starting from choosing the packing boxes to labelling them accurately, make your process perfect to ensure your packing remains damage-free to survive the bumps on the roads.

  • Hiring Professional Removalists Is More Expensive Than A DIY Move

This is one of the major delusions people have about moving: if they hire professionals, they have to pay a huge sum for moving their possessions. There are many affordable furniture, piano and pool, house and office removalists available in the market. The obligation-free budget offered by removal companies includes all the services – packing, loading, delivering and unloading your goods. While if you don’t hire experts, you have to purchase high-quality packing materials to pack your goods securely, then you will need a man to load it and a van or truck to deliver it, and you will end up with the same budget offered by removalists. So why not the professionals take this headache and help you with a stress-free move at cheap prices. 

  • Running Short of Professionals During Holidays

If you are abstaining from hiring a professional crew due to the assumption that they won’t serve you during holidays, you are sorely mistaken. Flexible removalists like Adam Removalists are available to help you on all days including weekends and holidays. They understand the need of an hour and value your concern. Professional removalists work on all days from organizing packing supplies to loading items on the truck, they offer you comfort and contentment.

Close up of hand packing cardboard box, concept moving house. Young couple moving to a new apartment together. Relocation concept
  • Labeling The Boxes Isn’t Significant

Evaluating the fact that labelling the boxes consumes some time, you might miss it and assume that is inessential. By not labelling the boxes, you may end up creating a mess and mismanage at the time of unpacking and assembling your new house. Labelling has two important aspects- at the time of unpacking, you can easily distinguish which item is kept in which box. Also, some people label their name, address and phone number on the boxes in case the movers deliver the wrong address. You can easily get your possessions back as your details are already mentioned on it.

  • All Moving Companies Offer Insurance Coverage

It is the most common misconception people have nowadays that all the moving companies offer indemnity coverage. Many new firms in the market do not take responsibility for your lost or damaged possessions during the moving journey. Therefore, you must always ask in writing about the insurance policy of a moving company, charges and the percentage of goods insured under it before hiring any removal company to make a secure and safe move because roles and responsibilities of packers and movers in moving home is immense.

If you are planning a quick and stress-free relocation shortly, Adam Removalists Adelaide  would best fulfil your expectations. So, bust out all your myths and enjoy a hassle-free and smooth move with an expert, flexible and trained crew of Adam Removalists at an affordable price.

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