Lithium-Ion Batteries vs Other Batteries for Off-Grid Solar System

Solar panels have been the best source of power for people living in Australia and around the world. In order to utilize the energy coming from the sun, solar panels must be oriented at a particular angle and at a suitable location. They work at their level best when they are placed in cooler environments where sun hours are more.

As far as the Off-Grid solar system is concerned, most people living in Australia are using it now. But there is always some confusion regarding the choice of batteries because of the large number of options available. For the past few years, Lead-Acid Batteries are in demand. Currently, Li-Ion batteries are being used. Let’s take a look at why Li-Ion batteries are preferred by most people despite the fact that they are less affordable.

How can Li-Ion Batteries help us?

These batteries have been used for a number of reasons. Taking into account the features associated with them, they have become quite common. If your solar systems are not designed for lead-acid batteries, there is no way you should avoid using these batteries. Some manufacturers these days are designing systems that are feasible with these batteries and the numbers are expected to go up in near future. The characteristic features of these batteries include higher energy density and ease of transport.

Li-Ion Batteries vs Lead-Acid Batteries; Which Ones are Best?

The capital cost of Li-Ion batteries is surely high due to their better efficiency and long life.

The initial cost involves:

  • The cost of the battery you’re using
  •  Rating
  • Addition of more batteries

The very first thing we see when we go out to buy something is its cost or simply the capital cost. The same is the case here with Li-Ion battery. The capital cost of these batteries is a bit more but the way they save you a lot of money, in the long run, makes you choose them in the first place.

Which Advantages of Li-Ion Batteries Make You Choose Them?

These batteries have the advantage that they don’t get damaged when subjected to deep discharging Moreover, these batteries have the tendency to work in all conditions and also last long. However, they just need a Battery Management System for them to work well enough. 

The following graph shows how these Li-Ion batteries work in a better way as compared to Lead-Acid Batteries in different climates.

Battery Temperature Spec

As mentioned earlier, the energy density of these batteries is high for which they don’t require much space.                                    

If we talk about the lifespan of Li-Ion batteries, Lead-Acid Batteries get damaged when their charging goes below a certain percentage but Li-Ion Batteries are different in this regard. Taking into account all these factors, we may conclude that Li-Ion Batteries are best to be used for Off-Grid systems.

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