Simple Way To Relocate Your Fridge In The Right Way

There is no magical formula to move your fridge. They are not only bulky and cumbersome but expensive as well. However, relocating your fridge is not a tough task if you know the right way to do that. Here we are describing some easy yet effective step by step guides for moving your fridge without any damage.      

  • Defrost The Unit And Clean It

The very first step that you need to perform is to prepare it thoroughly. You have to empty all products and substances and store them in a cooler place. So you should arrange a good amount of ice to keep the objects chilled till the time the fridge gets settled after moving. You should plan in such a way so that all perishable items get utilized before the moving day so that nothing gets wasted.  

After removing all edible items from the fridge, you should thoroughly clean the surface of the refrigerator with a mixture of baking soda and water. You should ensure that no water remains in the fridge so that water leakage does not occur during the move period. And at the end, you should turn off your fridge a few hours before moving. 

To prevent the bad odour, you can use activated charcoal as it absorbs moisture content. 

  • Follow User Manual For Disconnecting The Fridge

You should carefully remove the ice maker and water filter from your fridge by checking the user’s manual. Most of the moving companies will not do these things; thus, you have to do all these before your moving time. After disconnecting and unplugging them, you should roll the cord in the right manner and tape it to the back of the fridge. Secure all screws in the zip lock bag. To prevent dings and scratches, you can use moving blankets in the exterior section of the fridge.  

  • Measure The Path For Moving Fridge

If your doors are too narrow, then you have to check the optional path to relocate the fridge without any scratch marks. In some cases, it is required to remove the doors of the fridge so that it can fit easily. Note down the height, width, and depth of your fridge. Then measure the doorways’ dimensions. According to that, you have to create a plan to take out the fridge. 

  • Strap Your Fridge Onto Dolly

If you have your fridge on wheels, then it will be easy to slide it forward. If not, then carefully load on the dolly. To shift your fridge over the dolly, you have to bend it slightly forward and instantly place the slider behind the refrigerator. Grab both sides of the fridge tightly and then place it over the slider by adjusting its sides. 

  • Offer More Precaution While Moving Down Steps

You can relocate your fridge with coordination. One person should handle the fridge on the dolly, and one should remain below and direct the right steps. You should keep the fridge at a 45-degree angle and dolly towards yourself while moving. You have to keep complete control over the dolly so that nothing wrong can happen. The person who is below should check the position of the fridge and ensure that the dolly doesn’t move forward. 

  • Securely Load The Refrigerator In The Moving Van

Carefully place the fridge in the moving van and secure it with the additional straps. There is a need to ensure that movement of the fridge should remain restricted after loading in a moving van. Don’t keep it near fragile items. Place it in such a manner so that it can not disturb other objects and also other objects do not add scratch marks over it.  


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