Is Shifting To Green Power Really Worth It?

Green power means those energy sources that do not produce much pollution. This power is endorsed by the governments. One can also ask their energy provider to give them electricity from renewable sources. Because their emitted pollutants and carbon content are very low. It mainly includes renewable energy sources like wind energy, energy through solar panels, or hydroelectric energy obtained through the water dams. These sources produce pollution-free and environment-friendly energy and fulfill our required electricity needs. So, these sources should be adapted without any hesitation because of their benefits and no harm to the environment.

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Our current energy sources and GreenPower:

The energy sources that are currently being used for our electrical needs are emitting huge amounts of carbon and sulfur particles in the environment. As a result, causing a peak increase in the pollution graph of our ecosystem. Other than the pollutant particles, many cancerous particles are released with them. They can cause cancers in humans as well as in animals and aquatic life.

Whereas green power sources make use of renewable energy. It makes use of sunlight, wind energy, and the potential energy of water due to its height. Their energy-generating procedure does not include any combustion of fuel, coal, or any nuclear element. So, pollutants due to combustion are not released in the green power. Moreover, by installing these energy sources, the economy would grow because of the generation of new jobs.

Working of GreenPower:

The electricity is being produced by both sources renewable and non-renewable sources. In a country, coal and other fossil fuels are also used for electricity generation whereas wind and solar energy is also used. So, one can get electricity from any source by asking his/her, energy provider. Because the energy providers buy energy from the national market of electricity. And the national market of electricity buys electricity from fossil fuel power generators and also from renewable power generators. In this way, this circuit works. You have your own choice in choosing your energy source. But one should give priority to renewable energy sources because of their eco-friendly and pollution-free nature.

GreenPower Electricity expenses:

According to the energy market analysts, shifting to GreenPower may increase your energy expenses. This may also depend on your electricity retailer mainly. But, in most cases, the expenses increase up to 25 to 55 percent. This increase in rate also depends on the rate of electricity provided to you by your electricity retailer.

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If we talk about the average bill of electricity in Australia in 2016, it was about 1902$. With respect to this average rate, the increase in the rate for shifting to GreenPower would be between 475.5$ and 1046.1$. But initial rates are always high in shifting to renewable sources. They will give benefits ultimately to you and your environment.

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